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Bad News

28 Sep

Hello Jewels,

Part of blogging consists of revealing the good and the bad. Unfortunately today is one of those days. My husband woke up this morning drenched in sweat and coughing uncontrollably, and to top it off he had a business obligation to attend to very early in the morning, and it just so happened to be in the city where the museum that is selling our jewelry is located. I had planned on going with him to follow-up with the museum, but after my husband woke up to this it was mandatory that I go to make sure he was okay and help him with the drive. Luckily he conquered the business matter like the warrior he is which happened to be a very lengthily process that I witnessed. I was also able to follow-up with the museum. Sadly the day didn’t get better.

Our dog Mocha had her yearly check-up yesterday and underwent surgery last year for mammary tumors to be removed, thank God they were benign, however I had noticed excessive skin right after the surgery which I brought to the attention of the doctor which she said, “it was due to the surgery and that it should go away.” Deep down I knew that she had missed some of the tumor, either way there is no way Mocha could have undergone another surgery right after the first surgery. To make a long story short I received a phone call today from her telling me that Mocha will have to have the excessive skin removed again. Her doctors sounds very optimistic because Mocha’s blood work was negative and clear of any issues, but like any good Doctor or Vet they do not like to see any excessive skin on the body. The surgery is scheduled for next week and I am flying to see my family in California for our father’s 65th birthday. Unfortunately my husband will not be going with me for business purposes, and although he keeps assuring me that he will be fine with Mocha and the surgery I am left in confusion whether to postpone the surgery until I get back.

What would you all do?

I know that I have to remain faithful, and leave it to God, and although I keep hearing him telling me that, “this too shall pass,” I can’t help to be still left in confusion about my decision.

In despair,

An Essentjewel’s Event

27 Sep

Hello there Lovelies,

Last week I had the privilege to d├ębut our jewelry at an outdoor boating event take a look.

Everyone loved the driftwood we use as our displays, loved the jewelry, we did well in sales, and although the weather was gloomy some days we were lucky enough to not get rained on, thank God for that!

With love,

Billie Jean

26 Sep

Happy Wednesday Jewels,

Although I am nowhere near a groupie as Michael Jackson referred to Billie Jean in is his famous song which happens to be my favorite dancing song I definitely feel like I can pass for a girl named Billie Jean is this get-up.

These boots are super comfy and I’m loving this color because it is very neutral, the black were too harsh for my liking, and the brown were a little too predictable, these are the stone leather which is more of a gray.

Wayfarer Ray Ban, earrings essentjewels, chambray grand & greene, belt J.Crew (old) tribal clutch Miztique, watch Gucci, skinnies 7 for all mankind, boots Steve Madden you can find here.

Until next time,

End of Summer Shrimp Cocktail

25 Sep

Hello everyone,

We celebrated the last day of summer with a traditional Latin Shrimp Cocktail. Take a peek!

We grew up eating this zesty cocktail during the summer which is why I decided to make it one more time. If you like Bloody Mary’s, shrimp, avocado, onions, tomatoes, and lemon then this is definitely for you.

I used this recipe. Of course I made some slight changes to better meet our taste preference so don’t be afraid to experiment, you can’t go wrong with any of these ingredients!

I hope you give it a try you know we are bound to have a couple of summer days that creep up in the fall, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

As always,
Carolina xoxo

From Summer To Fall

24 Sep

Happy Monday friends!

This past weekend I cleaned until I could no more I like to call it Cinderella. One project I’m working on is my closet. I am organizing it and I’m nowhere near done! I should have taken before and after photos, I cannot wait until I am done. I will feel better. I took a quick scan and pulled out all of my summer clothes that I will be wearing throughout winter, got to love the chambray, my over-sized purse and the bright shoes that can smoothly transition into winter!  What will you be wearing into winter?

Michael Kors: shoes| No brand: leggins| White long sleeve: Splendid| Zara: Chambray|Purse: Nordstrom

Oh yes! I cut my bangs too, I’ve had bangs for years! Until my hairstylist about killed me to grow them out. I have a round face so I’m always a fan of the side swept bangs. But today I was playing with different looks. I need a new look which will make fall that much more exciting.

As always, Carolina xoxo

Endless Summer

21 Sep

TJIF Jewels,

It is official today is the last day of summer. Although I always wish for endless summers with longer days I am looking forward to the fall. Fall in Michigan is my favorite time of year because of all the vibrant colors, everything about it is so much cozier, the fashion, the food, etc… I will be doing the essentials, visiting an apple orchard enjoying apple cider, and cinnamon donuts, going up north for beautiful scenic routes where the leaves take on the full fall effect of changing colors!

Looking back at this blog I am blessed to have so many memories. I have no idea why we didn’t start blogging before although it was always in the back of my mind. I feel much closer to my sister now, and if that is the purpose of this blog, I am absolutely content with it. Living in different states does not allow to see what she is up to on a day-to-day basis, her posts always bring a smile to my face. I feel truly blessed to have her as a sister, and to have all these memories to look back to, but one in particular stands out.

The man behind a lot of the work: My husband. Here he is chasing our dog Mocha while she is barking at the waves and chasing after them. For a change my husband is chasing after her, it is always the other way around, she follows him around like true puppy love. I have a lot to learn from this wise dog, she turned eleven this summer. She loves my husband unconditionally which is not always the case for me. I promised my husband that I would not reveal is identity for professional reasons which is why you may only see glimpses of him in photos through out the blog. To be honest I am enjoying the mystery behind it all. Although most of time I think I should start a blog about Mocha and him, they are a lot more interesting to watch. The way those two interact is priceless a lot of time. We laugh about it, and have come with a name: “Taco and Pancho” Mocha is Taco because she is long, and although my husband is nowhere near being Latin he certainly can pass for one.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my story and that you all enjoy this beautiful last day of summer.

With love,

Peplum Pink

20 Sep

Happy Thursday Jewels,

You can say Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn are my biggest fashion inspirations along with many of us out there. I especially loved Jackie in her very famous hot pink Chanel get-up, and hot pink lipstick. I have been wearing hot pink lipstick all summer long, I like wearing it with a hot pink top like this peplum top, only you know I’m going to color block.

I’m really going to miss wearing this lipstick. I like to change my make-up according to seasons as well as my wardrobe. Because summers in Michigan come and go, I take advantage of wearing my summer clothes until I can’t no more even though I begin shopping for fall in the summer.

Wayfarer: Ray Ban, earrings essentjewels you can get here, lipstick Cover Girl, blouse tabitha (very very old), navy blue skirt Banana Republic, bag Coach, watch Gucci, red polish essie lollipop, and essie peep show, patent leather grey flats Coach

Until next time,

Essential: Girl-Getaway

19 Sep

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

Part of living a well-balanced life includes investing in healthy relationships that are genuine, help us grow to become better people, challenges and all. My bff treated me this summer to a Girl-Getaway in Chicago during the week which I especially enjoyed because I am not a fan of weekend crowds. We had the time of our life. We did the essentials girls love to do, shopped until we dropped, happy hours, hair treatments, etc., but the most of important part of it all was that we spent quality time together, and here are a couple of things we enjoyed while in Chicago.

Lunch at Mimi’s Cafe

The skyscrapers of course

Leaving a store without purchasing anything which rarely happens.(please excuse the red eyes we used an iphone to take the photos and removing the red-eye turns them grey and I don’t have grey eyes although it would be nice).

Garden art

And drinks at Howl At The Moon after hair treatments, and wearing our new blouses we purchased that same day because we couldn’t wait to wear them. My friend’s style is very flirty resort which I could never pull off. I keep telling her she is living in the wrong state and needs to move to Florida, but if she did I would probably follow.

I am truly blessed to have such a great friend(s) it is essential for me to make time for them, now if I could only do a girl getaway more often.

Until next time,

A Hint of Mixing Prints

18 Sep

Happy Tuesday friends!

I decided to jump the gun and get my fashion winter internal voice going. You already know how I feel about mixing my social clothes and work clothes. Winter is all about layers and layers. I paired a sophisticated collared shirt with a plain white sweater to offset my bold pants and trendy shoes. This fall you’re going to see leopard all over, shoes, purses, and sweater dresses my personal favorite a leopard coat. If you see one you like do think of your little friend Carolina. Take a peek what do you think friends?


As always, Carolina xoxo

Italian Coast.

17 Sep

Hello from the Italian coast again!

Who needs an apple as a snack when you can snack on mozzarella cheese! This became a tradition for my honey and I. A small bottle of wine, mozzarella cheese, curd meat, and we ready to sight-see and enjoy this amazing paradise.
I bought a cute pair of gold metallic leather flats in Florence, take a peek. What do you think friends?

Kiss, kiss, bye, bye Sorrento!

Happy Monday friends!
As always, Carolina xoxo

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