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Peplum Pink

20 Sep

Happy Thursday Jewels,

You can say Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn are my biggest fashion inspirations along with many of us out there. I especially loved Jackie in her very famous hot pink Chanel get-up, and hot pink lipstick. I have been wearing hot pink lipstick all summer long, I like wearing it with a hot pink top like this peplum top, only you know I’m going to color block.

I’m really going to miss wearing this lipstick. I like to change my make-up according to seasons as well as my wardrobe. Because summers in Michigan come and go, I take advantage of wearing my summer clothes until I can’t no more even though I begin shopping for fall in the summer.

Wayfarer: Ray Ban, earrings essentjewels you can get here, lipstick Cover Girl, blouse tabitha (very very old), navy blue skirt Banana Republic, bag Coach, watch Gucci, red polish essie lollipop, and essie peep show, patent leather grey flats Coach

Until next time,

Gypsy Queen

31 Jul

Hello there Precious Pearls,

Occasionally depending on my mood I will go for the gypsy/boho look. It must be the California Gurl in me taking me back to my roots.

I’ve lived in Michigan for the past six years, do you think I still have the California Gurl in me?

Aviators: Ray-Ban, Lips Stick Bobbi Brown Soft Coral, Tank Alternative Apparel, Maxi Skirt Bar III, nail polish essie no more film, Tribal Clutch Miztique, Sneakers Converse, Jewels essentjewels.

Until next time,

Down Town

26 Jul

Hello Jewels,

On occasion I head down town Detroit with my husband for lunch with his colleagues which is a privilege for me because one of his colleagues is an art connoisseur with a vast collection in his office and his home. I was eager to speak to him about our tradeshow experience and our market such as bed & breakfasts, wineries and in particular museums and one being the Flint Institute of Art, heading down town for me has recently turned into a dressing up occasion since on most days I dress very casual.

Can you tell I am from Michigan with all the American cars, we Michiganders love to support American cars.

Wayfarer: Ray-Ban, Navy Blue Blazer, Banana Republic, Leather Belt J.Crew, Bird Blouse H&M, Pencil Skirt, J.Crew, Grey Patent Leather Flats Coach, Bag Coach, Jewels essentjewels.

Until next time,

Feeling Like Florida

19 Jun

Hello Jewels,

The weather in the MI (Michigan) has been hot and humid and feeling like I am in Florida. Us Michiganders love to vacation in Florida during the cold grey winters, that is if my husband and I are not in California visiting my family. So what did I do, I faked it like I was in Florida, I put on what I call my Florida attire because it is bright and colorful, only I did not feel like wearing a skirt/dress.

Hair my friends: valcro rulers they are great because I am not adding unnecessary heat to my hair which I do enough of with a blow dryer.

Cross Necklace: Faith (currently what is keeping me living) essentjewels which you can find here.

Coral blouse: Express and Coral Lipstick: Bobbi Brown

Want-to-be Ray Ban Wayfarer: bungalow

Belt: J.Crew, our Carol pearls strand bracelet you can find here: essentjewels, wire watch: Gucci

Floral kitten heel heels: Etienne Aigner (this is probably as floral as it gets for me, everything else I will keep as chic as possible). Nail Polish: O.P.I. (Did it on EM) which I am currently addicted to because I have had it on my toes for a month now and it plays pretty close to a neutral, it is also not a true yellow, it is more in between a yellow/lime which works with my skin tone, a true yellow most likely would have not worked.

White Jeans: Paige

Ring: Sea essentjewels, you can find here, everyone is doing it mixing the gold with the silver, I also added our accountability bracelet you can find here, I think mixing the silver and gold really works well when wearing bright colors, and nail polish: Revlon (Coastal Surf) , I had to put it on because I had Florida on my mind.

And there you have it my Florida attire.

Thank you for visiting me in Florida my friends,

A Splash of Turquoise

7 Jun

Once upon a time a man and woman were married in a far off land (in Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County California) about three miles North of Solvang also in Santa Barbara County California. Los Olivos is known for its olives, wineries, tasting rooms, and Solvang known for its Danish Culture, windmills, antiques shops, and both known for its charm and if you are familiar with the movie “Sideways” you know which area I am talking about. I grew up in this lovely area in my mid-twenties and boy was it paradise. Some would say I have an old soul probably due to the fact the I grew up in this area where I developed my passion for wine and small town charm.

It has been five years since the couple married who now reside in Michigan where the husband is originally from which is why the wife followed. For their five-year anniversary they decided they needed to revoke their wedding day which is why they traveled to another far off land: Holland (Holland Michigan that is) known for its Dutch culture very similar to the Danish in my opinion (I am sure both cultures would argue otherwise).

The lovely town of Holland Michigan is also known for its antique shops, restaurants, tulip festival, and small town charm.

For the trip I decided I should wear one of our special necklaces. Why special, because it is one of the first I designed. I called it waterfall because it cascades like a waterfall, you can see for yourself here.

Along with the favorite necklace I had to wear one of my favorite cardigans by: J.Crew, why favorite because the color is similar to our signature color.

For the trip I wanted to be as comfortable as possible which is why I wore one of my most comfortable dresses by Soprano.

And here I am with my three best accessories, our dog Mocha, my monogram LV Wilshire bag, and my aviators by Ray-Ban. Is is just me or does LV transform your ensemble from casual to sophisticated? And in my opinion Mocha is not so shabby as an accessory herself.

Two-toned shoes: L.A.M.B., this brand of shoes always have an edge and the quality is great too, plus Gwen Stefani has to be one of the most stylist artist out there, she, her husband, and their children are hot hot hot (is it appropriate to say that about children)???

And what is that I see over there, a windmill, wait you mean to tell me that it still produces an essential for baking:flour!

Yes my friends, America’s only authentic working Dutch windmill (DeZwaan) imported from the Netherlands and restored on a beautiful windmill island with horses and an antique carousel. And I here I thought that windmills were only decorative as the ones I was used to in Solvang California.

The windmill’s blades are as high as a 12-story building, turn by the power of the wind which provides power for the millstones to grind grain into flour. Which for me was a terrific treat, as I have developed a passion for baking which started when I lived with my roommate before I got married. She and I would bake until the hours of the night with her family recipes, sipping on wine, and talking about life. Back to the flour I am so excited to use it for one of my recipes. I was told there are recipes in the bag, I am assuming Dutch recipes.

And there it is my friends, how the man and woman spent their five-year anniversary surrounded by windmills making it as close to their far off wedding venue as possible.

Until nest time my friends,

Coachella Music Festival

14 Apr
Coachella Music Festival

J Crew crew neck shirt
$75 – jcrew.com

Boyfriend jacket
$130 – topshop.com

Current/Elliott floral print shorts
$246 – glassworks-studios.com

One Teaspoon denim jean shorts
€80 – welikefashion.com

Gucci leather shoes
£415 – profilefashion.com

Sam Edelman cork wedge sandals
$217 – stanwells.com

Stella McCartney chain handbag
£855 – brownsfashion.com

Stella McCartney faux leather handbag
£495 – harveynichols.com

Marie Chavez gold plating jewelry
$220 – maxandchloe.com

FOSSIL oversized jewelry
$85 – zappos.com

Stella Dot pave jewelry
$34 – stelladot.com

Ray-Ban ray ban shades
185 CAD – dealuxe.ca

J Crew summer beach hat
$38 – jcrew.com

Easter Sunday Essentials

6 Apr
Easter Sunday Essentials

Mango belted dress
£40 – johnlewis.com

Prada leather tote handbag

Diamond jewelry

Ray-Ban folding wayfarer sunglasses
$155 – neimanmarcus.com

Beauty product
$19 – angelfacebotanicals.com

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