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Happy Birthday Little Sister

18 Mar

If you have followed along my sister revealed some Q&A about herself on her one year anniversary blog post and her birthday, only she forgot to mention a few!


That she is generous (homemade treats she mailed to our dad on father’s day).


That she is a go-getter and follows her dreams (at one of our jewelry events).


And we all know she is gorgeous!

I am so grateful to been blessed with the greatest little sister anyone can ask for!

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Love you always!

From one of your older sisters,

Ready for Spring

15 Feb

Who is as ready for spring as I am? While I know emerald is the color for 2013 and black and white will be big this spring, it is always the pretty pastels that get me in spring mode and set the mood for the rest of the year.


While I patiently wait for spring these are a couple of things that got me through the week.

Reading my bff’s new blog: biteintonutrition hope you join her in on her journey while she dishes in about healthy life style choices, and recipes full of flavor with the essentials of all things nutrition.

My small group from church where we discussed challenges we meet on a day-to-day basis. I shared that I am addicted to shopping, and my challenge was to not shop and instead strive to be more generous (so far so good).

The Bachelor yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures, it has been said by producers that this show is one of the most realistic out of any of the reality shows. I was very happy to see Tierra go, she is as immature as they come, and talk about drama queen!

A Valentine lunch with my hubby at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, MI known for countless awards, and been featured in both Esquire Magazine, and on Oprah Winfrey, it definitely lived up to its recognition(s).

And browsing the web for new spring recipes. I love any salad that calls for mint, I will definitely have to try this one.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Home Sweet Home

30 Nov

TGIF Jewels,

Source: chezlarsson.com via Donya on Pinterest

As of today my husband and I will be moving into our new home. After searching an entire year we finally found what we were looking for. We went from renting a 3000 square foot home four years of our marriage to renting a one bedroom apartment this last year. For one I am really glad that we rented a house before we purchased one because it gave us the opportunity to experience what we did not want from a house. The house we were in before was too big, and consumed a lot of our time maintaining it, and we decided we did not want to live our lives like that, and a one bedroom apartment was extremely small, however we managed.

We settled for a contemporary 1700 square foot house by the lake and these are a few things I am looking forward to sharing with you.

Source: bbcgoodfood.com via Sam on Pinterest

My passion for baking.

Getting the courage to dive into DIY projects.

And photos by the lake.

You can only wonder what I have ahead of me this weekend. Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it includes doing less work then I will be doing.

Until next time,

Endless Summer

21 Sep

TJIF Jewels,

It is official today is the last day of summer. Although I always wish for endless summers with longer days I am looking forward to the fall. Fall in Michigan is my favorite time of year because of all the vibrant colors, everything about it is so much cozier, the fashion, the food, etc… I will be doing the essentials, visiting an apple orchard enjoying apple cider, and cinnamon donuts, going up north for beautiful scenic routes where the leaves take on the full fall effect of changing colors!

Looking back at this blog I am blessed to have so many memories. I have no idea why we didn’t start blogging before although it was always in the back of my mind. I feel much closer to my sister now, and if that is the purpose of this blog, I am absolutely content with it. Living in different states does not allow to see what she is up to on a day-to-day basis, her posts always bring a smile to my face. I feel truly blessed to have her as a sister, and to have all these memories to look back to, but one in particular stands out.

The man behind a lot of the work: My husband. Here he is chasing our dog Mocha while she is barking at the waves and chasing after them. For a change my husband is chasing after her, it is always the other way around, she follows him around like true puppy love. I have a lot to learn from this wise dog, she turned eleven this summer. She loves my husband unconditionally which is not always the case for me. I promised my husband that I would not reveal is identity for professional reasons which is why you may only see glimpses of him in photos through out the blog. To be honest I am enjoying the mystery behind it all. Although most of time I think I should start a blog about Mocha and him, they are a lot more interesting to watch. The way those two interact is priceless a lot of time. We laugh about it, and have come with a name: “Taco and Pancho” Mocha is Taco because she is long, and although my husband is nowhere near being Latin he certainly can pass for one.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with my story and that you all enjoy this beautiful last day of summer.

With love,