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DIY Book Cover

29 Jan

Hello beautiful!

I’ll bring you back to grade school today. I have an obsession with stationary, anything glittery full of color, whimsical, bright, and girly I should be embarrassed for someone my age. But as mentioned before, age is an attitude!. Growing up I had drawers and buckets full of Lisa Frank and hello kitty and I still can’t break away from that little kitty. I only have hints of it here and there, I have toned it down since I got married. I know you’ve seen this chevron mosaic all around from home decor to the office. Yes it’s a bit trendy but super adorable.  I went to a boutique in Santa Barbara and completely fell in love with this notebook perfect to tote around only I wasn’t going to pay what they were asking for it. I ended up going to paper source another playground for me. I bought this pretty paper and voilà! Take a peek!









Thanks as always,
Carolina XO

Art For The Holidays

23 Nov

TGIF Jewels,

I hope you are all enjoying this black Friday. As mentioned in a earlier post here that essentjewels is selling at the Detroit Artist Market (DAM) and while most of you are taking advantage of the great deals I have my heart set on a couple of pieces at the DAM.

Which one is your favorite?

Until next time,

Artists and Their Pet Dogs

14 Jun

Hello there Jewels,

I recently had the opportunity to see the Pablo Picasso exhibit at The Art Gallery of Ontario, and I have been artistically inspired since then, only now I feel like a big folk! Picasso was advanced beyond his time, and his work is still, and will remain extremely modern for decades to come. I am still processing the experience. His ability to comprehend that we do not view objects, people, etc., in one dimension was genius, thus Cubism was born. Because I have been artistically inspired since then I thought I would author a post in honor of some of my favorite artists/authors.

Andy Warhol took very simple objects and turned them into very pop, boom! We have pop art! Although he did not develop pop art, we all remember him because of it. I wonder if I painted a “stop sign” or took a picture of one if it would become a hit?

E.B. White: what can I say he has to be everyone’s favorite childhood author, who didn’t like Charlotte’s Web and who can forget good old Wilbur. It is probably the first book I read.

Adele: probably one of the most talented artist of this generation. I love how her music focuses on her vocal capabilities which takes you back to the classics, I am sure her music will become timeless.

And here I am with my dog in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (upcoming jewelry designer (God willing), maybe I can make it big like Picasso’s daughter Paloma Picasso designing for Tiffany and Co., okay maybe not that big, but if you don’t have a dream how will you make it come true right)?

What are your dreams Jewels, we would love to know?

Anyway, are you seeing a pattern here? Some of the most influential artists owned dachshunds! Who can blame them with their almond shaped eyes, distinctive faces’, long bodies’, short legs’, stubborn, and pushy personalities’ it is hard to resist these little dogs.

Hope you have a Tremendous Thursday and thank you for visiting us,


A True Fashion Icon

29 Mar

Hi Jewels,

It’s Monica, I recently had the opportunity to attend a multi-media of the tale of the truth behind the Epic battle over Diego Rivera’s art, for the 79th anniversary of Diego’s Detroit industry experience presented at the Elizabeth Theater downtown at the Park Bar. Was I impressed with Diego’s work, of course I was. Who wouldn’t be interested in the frescos displayed at the D.I.A., his emphasis to capture the truth behind the manufacturing and labor force movement in Detroit caused as much controversy for him as did credit. However, I have to admit I was more overly overcome with Diego’s wife Frida Kahlo, who I have been a fan of ever since I can remember because of her ability to embrace both her femininity and masculinity.

As a child my mother would speak of her with such high respect and remorse because of her talent and because of the sufferings she encountered. Frida was also known as a political communist which was extremely rare for women in her time, women in this era were mainly homemakers. Not only was she a political activist, a painter who painted from the heart, she was also a fashion icon. Can you say that about Picasso, Van Gough, or better yet Diego? Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of artist like Picasso, Van Gough, and Diego, but Frida was in a league of her own, she became an international sensation in the 20th century known for her radical political views, art, and fashion, once again proven that we women have the ability to multi-task.

I don’t know anyone else who could pull off what she wore with confidence, especially when visiting the U.S., most people immediately try to fit in, not Frida from the many layers of jewelry, to the flowers in her hair, colorful ensembles, and scarves, oh and you know the braids that everyone has been obsessed with lately, Frida wore them back in 1930s. It was no wonder she was featured on the cover of the Paris Vogue magazine.

Frida truly embraced all things feminine as a fashion icon even though some would argue otherwise, thus is the reason this coffee book is displayed on my coffee table.

As always thank you for reading,


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