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Happy Good Friday Lovelies

29 Mar

I hope most of you are off today and getting ready to start a nice weekend with the family. I saw the most amazing musical last night at the Music Hall down town Detroit, another hidden jewel in the D. The musical is called: The Cross and the Light, it was intense, empowering, and inspiring. The musical walked you through the final hours of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection what a great way to start this Easter weekend.


I am also glad to say that it’s finally starting to look like spring and I am looking forward to wearing spring and summer clothes in silk and chiffon soon. I am loving these flowy pretty pastels featured in InStyle. The accessories, and hair are kept subtle giving it an innocent yet romantic look, what are you loving this spring?

Until next time,

Easter Nest Egg Treats

28 Mar

Please excuse the lack of posting this week, but we are excited to announce that we are working on a blog make-over! We figured it was time after a year of blogging.

On another note, I am sure you seen these Easter nests pinning around on pinterest, and if you have followed you must know by now that I am a sucker for simple little treats that have character so of course I had to give them a try.




I’m not so sure if they look like nests, but who can go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels.

Until next time,

Black and White

26 Mar
Black and White

Alexander mcqueen

Sergio Rossi black heels

Spring Trend for 2013: Bermuda Shorts

22 Mar

Spring is here, although it feels more like winter in Michigan. On a fashion note Bermuda shorts were big on the runway for spring 2013, will you be rocking the look?

dkny_rs13_0676_20121004_1878188719 (1)


I must admit they can be intimidating, but they are family friendly and perfect for the girl who is not into the cheek-baring cutoffs. Plus they are a nice alternative to a skirt. I am a fan of them and J.Crew has them in the best colors at great prices with some added stretch for comfort and flattering to the figure.

Or go for the black and white tuxedo look, like the last photo, you will get three trends in one, as we know by now that black and white is big this spring as are tuxedos, how can you go wrong with a black and white tuxedo?

DIY: Sugar and Honey Scrub

21 Mar

I might have shared with you all before that I suffer from dry skin especially during the winter. I am constantly researching natural ingredients for DIY facials, scrubs, and moisturizers and this Sugar & Honey scrub is one of my favorites.





Trust me you will not be disappointed as it exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin and I always find that natural ingredients work best for my skin, who needs added chemicals.

Note: the scrub is good for 30 days and can also be applied to your body especially for the elbows, and heels.

The essentials: Sugar, honey, and olive oil.

You can also learn how I coated my lid with glitter for my bottle here.

Hope you give it a try,

Free People Starring Christopher Abbot

20 Mar

Have you seen the short film that embodies a short story taking place in the latest Free People catalog starring Christopher Abbot from the HBO series Girls and Spanish model Shelia Marquez?

Free People Presents “Roshambo” from FreePeople on Vimeo.

I guarantee will be seeing more of Christopher Abbot as he has proven he is very versatile as he stole the show in this short film.


19 Mar

Looking for a versatile gift anyone can use? Look no further. While in Italy I saw a fair amount of leather colorful stationery stores, so when I stumbled across this jewel: Colori in San Marino, Ca I was immediately taken back to Italy. The price points are amazing and the quality is on point. You can find leather goods, pens, paper, laptop cases, and one of my favorites the neon cruciani bracelets. Let’s face it in Milan you will never see any woman wearing the same thing, well that’s not the case here. These Cruciani bracelets were a hit all over Italy. I had to jump on this trend, I bought a few for my nieces, okay and one for me. Take a peek.





Oh yes! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!! For all my B-day wishes. I really appreciate all your warm comments:) I arrived home really late last night, but I had a wonderful day full of life, food, great company, and love.

I want to thank my sister for making my day. Sister, the post was amazing I couldn’t believe my eyes, I started shaking, heart beating fast then I started to tear up. I was so moved, you definitely struck a chord in me. I love you with all my heart, I’m so happy that I can call you my friend, but most important my sister. We are both beautiful in and out. Thank you!

As always,
Carolina xoxo

Happy Birthday Little Sister

18 Mar

If you have followed along my sister revealed some Q&A about herself on her one year anniversary blog post and her birthday, only she forgot to mention a few!


That she is generous (homemade treats she mailed to our dad on father’s day).


That she is a go-getter and follows her dreams (at one of our jewelry events).


And we all know she is gorgeous!

I am so grateful to been blessed with the greatest little sister anyone can ask for!

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Love you always!

From one of your older sisters,

A Subtle Hint of Spring

18 Mar

As mentioned before that I was compiling a few Q&A as this marks my personal one year blog post. I decided it was time to reveal a little more about myself because we have built a great circle of let’s see” internet friends” or “blog friends” until we have the pleasure of meeting in person (one day I hope).

Here it goes and hope you enjoy it!

1. What school did you graduate from?

2. What is your pet peeve?
I can’t stand a dirty refrigerator

3. What is your favorite color?


5. Age?

6. When is your B-Day?

7. Where did you meet your Husband?
At work, we worked together for about a year, but never crossed paths. I bought a one way ticket to Europe and we met a month later. I looked at him and looked at my ticket and said to myself ” this has been a dream to travel around Europe” off I went. My original plan was to stay two years, but I came back six months later, although we never kept in contact via email or phone, something told me to cut my trip back. I moved back to L.A. and he proposed on my 25th birthday a year later!






Thank you for reading.

As always, Carolina Xoxo

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Weekend Beauties

15 Mar


St. Paddy’s Day always sets the mood for spring with its traditional green, and this year you should not have trouble finding something to wear in green as we all know by now that emerald has been proclaimed the color of the year according to pantone fashion. Try color-blocking in different shades to get the most of this vibrant color. Wearing spring colors may not help the weather get warmer, but it will definitely brighten your look, at least that is how I deal with the winter blues.

Hope you all have some great plans for this St. Paddy’s Day weekend. We have a couple of events, and we are hoping to sell some of our green jewelry, as that always adds a nice touch to your outfit if you don’t want to be as dramatic to wear green.

Until next time,

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