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DIY: Pink Gerbera Daisy Arrangement

12 Mar

If you have 15 minutes to spare, then you’re in for a treat. My amazing in-laws while visiting always bring a basket full of avocados, lemons, tomatoes, and oranges they grow them in their backyard and never fail to bring us a few, so grateful!

I had a few left over lemons so I decided to take on a project I’ve been wanting to for some time especially because I had family and friends over this past weekend. What better way to welcome guest then with a handmade floral arrangement? Take a peek.

Uh oh.. I’m sensing a new hobby. You got to excuse the type A personality.






As always, Carolina Xoxo

Home Office in the Making

11 Feb

I’m finally feeling better and 100% fully recovered. I was sick for the past two weeks, the good news is I lost five pounds and was able to take on a few projects at home it took little longer than usual due to the side affects of not allowing me to stay up more than four hours. On the bright side I have been a little busy bee designing getting ready for another trunk show. I needed to buy a few office nick knacks to better organize all these trunk shows, vendors, receipts, taxes the list goes on. I also learned a new healthy flavor recipe that I’ll be sharing shortly.


colorful pencils you can find at Anrthropolgie


Clean chic organizers- Michaels


Magnet board for handy-dandy to-do list and paper goods Michaels


Colorful folders for truck shows, vendors etc… – see Jane work (love this site)


Handy dandy colored labels see Jane work


And while most desk are filled with paper ours is full of gems, pearls, stone, wire, tools on and on…

As always, Carolina xoxo

DIY:Tulip Fish Bowl Arrangement

5 Feb

Mother told me I’m just like Grandma, “I always have to have flowers in my home.”  Every time my parents visit they never arrive empty-handed they surprise me with various bouquets and arrangements. In addition to flowers being beautiful there is something about having a fresh living organism living in the same room with you, I love how they make me feel, I love walking in the doors with these beauties to greet me. All month-long this is what will be on my table. Hope You you give it a try.



Remove the leaves very gently. Be sure to use long stem tulips. I was able to get away with these, but do yourself the favor.


Florist wire for securing tulips in place; fish bowl vase, (you can find them at your local crafts store I got mine at Target and Micheal’s).


Pour water and start arranging!



Happy Valentines month friends!

As always, Carolina xoxo

Labor Day Weekend Bash

31 Aug

TGIF Jewels,

We made it through the week with a three-day weekend ahead of us, in my case it does not really matter since I don’t have a 9-5 anymore. My husband and I like to stay in Labor Day weekend to avoid crowds, and traffic, and if we were a little more settled in I would plan a little gathering and invite my family, and closest friends. I am all about quality time so the smaller the crowd the better and this is the setting I would love to incorporate into the small gathering.

That’s right comfortable with an outdoor movie to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Whatever your plans this Labor Day weekend I hope they are safe and enjoyable, and for the rest of the world who isn’t celebrating Labor Day weekend, I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend too.

Photo courtesy of: POTTERYBARN

With love,

Three Bedroom Essentials

24 Apr

One trinket from mom with an inspirational message to get you through life.

A vanity for pampering.

And a beautiful painting that takes you where only far off dreams can take you.

The one in our room is by the great Russian French Artist Marc Chagall, and it is part of the 12 suite collection from “The Arabian Nights” called “Mounting the ebony horse.” I can’t tell you enough how often I gaze at this painting and it never fails to take me to the heavens above which is one of the characteristics Chagall is known for. I love everything about it, how he basically used one color (turquois) in different shades, included the sky, the sun, the moon, and a couple mounting on a horse traveling to some fantasy land, (mounting on a horse to the heavens with my husband is my deepest desire). Chagall’s work was known for figurative, narrative art and dream-like quality, it is no wonder why I chose to have one of his paintings in our bedroom.

And I leave you here with a quote from Chagall:

My hands were too soft.. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life.
Marc Chagall

Jewels, what are the essentials in your bedroom, we would love to know?


How to Dress Your Table and Creamy Chicken

19 Apr

You know how they say every lady has a special recipe? My special recipe happens to be creamy chicken with mushrooms. I love anything creamy with mushrooms, but this special recipe calls for capers. The capers add just enough tang to this dish.

The essential ingredients and recipe can be found here.

Table is set! (table runner is a scarf I wear occasionally from Greece)

Now for the results!

I finished the dish with French green beans instead of zucchini, but I have tried it with both, and both go well together.

cloudy with a chance of sarai

We know that ‘cloudy with a chance of sarai’ likes to use her scarves and jewels to accessories her home decor.

Jewels, do you have a special recipe you’re known for? Or do you have accessories you use for multiple purposes? Let us know. We love ideas!!

Thank you for stopping by,

Blank Canvas

9 Apr

I love this kitchen. It’s a blank canvas for adding a pop of color, which they did with the stools. It’s absolutely stunning and I fully intend on putting this room in my dream home. You know, the one that definitely doesn’t exist outside of my brain and pinterest? Yeah, this room is in there.

What’s in your dream home?

We’re jonesing for…

28 Mar

…Do Sul Dinnerware from Anthropologie. According to them, we like the Fresh & Femme style. What do you think? Does it fit us? : )

Spring DIY

26 Mar


Is it just me, or is Spring inspiring everyone else to do some sprucing, too? These are the three projects at the top of my list to give my life a little pizzaz!

New Beginnings

21 Mar

Hello Jewels!

It’s Carolina!

Hope you’re enjoying your week, I decided to start writing this month for a few reasons. One it’s my birthday month, two, it’s the first day of spring today! But most importantly, I’m starting a new journey with my sister that I’m very excited about.

There’s nothing like Sunday mornings, maybe because growing up our mother would say Sunday’s are meant to relax, soak in the day, and be thankful for everything in your life.  This little area in my house has definitely allowed me  to do just that. What are you thankful for jewels?

As always, xoxo!

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