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Birthday Weekend

31 Mar

Working long days can take a toll on one, so I decided to indulge and treat my self to Glen Ivy, a nice hide away from L.A. This place always makes me forget about my pending to do items. On my B-Day it ended up raining, but fortunately I had plan B. Although it would have been an unusual experience by getting pampered in the rain, I opted for plan B instead: the Huntington Library! My husband introduced me to this magical place years ago, and since then we have neglected it for some time until now. Visiting this lovely place has rekindled our love for mother nature and organic art. If my husband could reincarnate as a different person he sure would be a botanist. This place exudes tranquility. It’s a place where one could sit and take in the beauty of mother earth.

We can only imagine how it would feel having a salad garden.


Romaine Lettuce-


Arugula and Rosemary –

Japanese Maple tree

150 year old Bonsai

We ended our day with the quintessential London pastime “afternoon tea”. Let me stress that it is not just tea; it’s a well-appointed elegant extravaganza! Do as the British do, relax and cool down with exceptional teas, over the top surroundings and perhaps some yummy wine. Granted, we were only at the Huntington tea house but one could only imagine sitting with the abundance of tiny tart size bites served on many lovely china plates as we watch people enjoy their pomegranate green tea (which is my favorite) over leisurely conversations. There is something about bite size snacks. I don’t know whether it’s the attention and time that goes into these little bursts of flavor or the illusion that one is not going to over indulge. Either way, miniature treats make me uber excited!!

As always, Carolina xoxo!

Enjoy Your Weekend

30 Mar


30 Mar

We can’t get enough of stripes these days! These are some favorites…

For your clothes.

For your home.

For your friends.

A True Fashion Icon

29 Mar

Hi Jewels,

It’s Monica, I recently had the opportunity to attend a multi-media of the tale of the truth behind the Epic battle over Diego Rivera’s art, for the 79th anniversary of Diego’s Detroit industry experience presented at the Elizabeth Theater downtown at the Park Bar. Was I impressed with Diego’s work, of course I was. Who wouldn’t be interested in the frescos displayed at the D.I.A., his emphasis to capture the truth behind the manufacturing and labor force movement in Detroit caused as much controversy for him as did credit. However, I have to admit I was more overly overcome with Diego’s wife Frida Kahlo, who I have been a fan of ever since I can remember because of her ability to embrace both her femininity and masculinity.

As a child my mother would speak of her with such high respect and remorse because of her talent and because of the sufferings she encountered. Frida was also known as a political communist which was extremely rare for women in her time, women in this era were mainly homemakers. Not only was she a political activist, a painter who painted from the heart, she was also a fashion icon. Can you say that about Picasso, Van Gough, or better yet Diego? Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of artist like Picasso, Van Gough, and Diego, but Frida was in a league of her own, she became an international sensation in the 20th century known for her radical political views, art, and fashion, once again proven that we women have the ability to multi-task.

I don’t know anyone else who could pull off what she wore with confidence, especially when visiting the U.S., most people immediately try to fit in, not Frida from the many layers of jewelry, to the flowers in her hair, colorful ensembles, and scarves, oh and you know the braids that everyone has been obsessed with lately, Frida wore them back in 1930s. It was no wonder she was featured on the cover of the Paris Vogue magazine.

Frida truly embraced all things feminine as a fashion icon even though some would argue otherwise, thus is the reason this coffee book is displayed on my coffee table.

As always thank you for reading,


We’re jonesing for…

28 Mar

…Do Sul Dinnerware from Anthropologie. According to them, we like the Fresh & Femme style. What do you think? Does it fit us? : )


27 Mar

Hey jewels!
Now you can follow us on Bloglovin . Hooray!!!

Diamond in the Rough

27 Mar

For those of you who would never step a foot in Detroit because of its reputation, I would hope that if you are ever in the area and craving some authentic Chinese food that you would make the effort to eat at Shangri-La. The locals like to keep this little jewel a secret and it has a reputation for Asians traveling across the state to eat there. Who can blame them! Nestled in the heart of midtown I guarantee you will forget that you are in a Chinese restaurant in Detroit (not that being in Detroit is a bad thing most of us just love the feeling of being away from the norm).

From the attentive staff, to the charming décor, and sizzling food served to you, Shangri-La will have you coming back for more as your craving for Chinese food will never be the same.

With 35 years of experience, Cholada, the owner, was born in Thailand to Chinese parents and was the first to open an Asian market in Detroit in 1976.

Get-up for the occasion: Professional ( I met up with some colleagues, so I did the best to play the part) J.CREW top, H&M pencil skirt, and Louise Vuitton Wilshire monogram bag.

Professional is not one of my favorite go-to looks, but I kept it feminine and  had the opportunity to wear these shiny jewels: Patent leather brown shoes by Coach and a new necklace from our up coming line.

Thank you for reading,


Spring DIY

26 Mar


Is it just me, or is Spring inspiring everyone else to do some sprucing, too? These are the three projects at the top of my list to give my life a little pizzaz!

Guilty Pleasure

23 Mar

Hey jewels!

We want to know what’s your guilty pleasure? Mine is definitely America’s Funniest Home Videos. In college, it was the only decent thing on TV at 3am, and yes, I would laugh hysterically. Alone. In my dorm room. At 3am. I mean, really. If this doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.

A Refreshing Day

23 Mar

In honor of the beautiful 80 degree weather we had yesterday in L.A. I made a Citrus Cream Smoothie that my husband and I always look forward to. I have two words for you ” burst of flavor”,  great for a special weekend brunch. I also did not use sugar, but instead I used Splenda. It’s filling enough to be a breakfast meal replacement because of the protein in the yogurt. Not only is it full of flavor but this recipe tasted just like an original Orange Julius, which brings me back to my lovely childhood days.

I’ve been living in L.A for the past 9 years now and I absolutely love it!  One of the many reason is the abundance of cultures, great food, farmers markets and the fashion, even the weather is held at a higher standard so here’s a cheers to living in the melting pot!!  Enjoy!

Citrus Cream Smoothie Recipe

As always, Carolina xoxo

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