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Bad News

28 Sep

Hello Jewels,

Part of blogging consists of revealing the good and the bad. Unfortunately today is one of those days. My husband woke up this morning drenched in sweat and coughing uncontrollably, and to top it off he had a business obligation to attend to very early in the morning, and it just so happened to be in the city where the museum that is selling our jewelry is located. I had planned on going with him to follow-up with the museum, but after my husband woke up to this it was mandatory that I go to make sure he was okay and help him with the drive. Luckily he conquered the business matter like the warrior he is which happened to be a very lengthily process that I witnessed. I was also able to follow-up with the museum. Sadly the day didn’t get better.

Our dog Mocha had her yearly check-up yesterday and underwent surgery last year for mammary tumors to be removed, thank God they were benign, however I had noticed excessive skin right after the surgery which I brought to the attention of the doctor which she said, “it was due to the surgery and that it should go away.” Deep down I knew that she had missed some of the tumor, either way there is no way Mocha could have undergone another surgery right after the first surgery. To make a long story short I received a phone call today from her telling me that Mocha will have to have the excessive skin removed again. Her doctors sounds very optimistic because Mocha’s blood work was negative and clear of any issues, but like any good Doctor or Vet they do not like to see any excessive skin on the body. The surgery is scheduled for next week and I am flying to see my family in California for our father’s 65th birthday. Unfortunately my husband will not be going with me for business purposes, and although he keeps assuring me that he will be fine with Mocha and the surgery I am left in confusion whether to postpone the surgery until I get back.

What would you all do?

I know that I have to remain faithful, and leave it to God, and although I keep hearing him telling me that, “this too shall pass,” I can’t help to be still left in confusion about my decision.

In despair,

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