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Gypsy Queen

31 Jul

Hello there Precious Pearls,

Occasionally depending on my mood I will go for the gypsy/boho look. It must be the California Gurl in me taking me back to my roots.

I’ve lived in Michigan for the past six years, do you think I still have the California Gurl in me?

Aviators: Ray-Ban, Lips Stick Bobbi Brown Soft Coral, Tank Alternative Apparel, Maxi Skirt Bar III, nail polish essie no more film, Tribal Clutch Miztique, Sneakers Converse, Jewels essentjewels.

Until next time,

Maid Of Honor

30 Jul

Hi friends!

Happy Monday!

I believe I mentioned I’m the maid of honor for one of my amazing friends Vanessa Riconose! She is a wonderful beautiful person she’s ambitious, hard-working and intellectual. All I can remember about her growing up, by the way, we’ve known each-other 16 years!! Is  going from ballet practice to cheer leading practice to school. This woman was always on the go, I admire her so dearly not only because she is an amazing friend but because she is a well-rounded person who loves her faith, family and friends! She now is officially a marriage and family counselor Congratulations mi amiga!!  She and her Fiance Tamarr met at his Dance Studio in Santa Barbara, he’s a well-known Choreographer in SB, if your familiar with that area you know who ” Tamarr Paul ” is.  As I told her, the ingredients for a successful marriage: a whole lot of love, a dash of spice and lots of answers to “What’s for dinner? I wish them a happy and beautiful future together. Congratulations my friends!!
By the way I’m hosting her Bridal Shower at Andersen’s. It’s a Tea Party theme, I can’t wait to share some fun and exciting photos.

My lovely Best Friend Vanessa Riconose.

Nessa saying hi to my Kobe

Getting ready for dinner at Perch, we had a blast! Food was great! I recommend :  Truffle French Fries $11
fries tossed w/ truffle oil, shaved truffle cheese & herbed aioli
, Buffalo Frogs Legs $10
buttermilk marinated frogs legs tossed in our house made buffalo sauce w/ blue cheese sauce
,Perch Charcuterie $16
daily selection of three cured meats & accompaniments,
Sautéed Chilean Seabass $31
mashed potato & smoked mussel-black trumpet cream
, and MY FAVORITE!!! Caviar Salmon $29
lemon thyme risotto, caviar & chive maderia cream

The besties!

As always, Carolina xoxo

Weekend Plans

27 Jul

TGIF Jewels,

I hope you are all looking forward towards the weekend and have some great plans ahead of you. We are headed to the northern part of the state of Michigan, (Traverse City) just one of the destinations Pure Michigan has to offer known for its beautiful beaches, white sand, surrounding wineries, and the essentials such as shopping, and great restaurants.

I’m hoping to take a great pictures to share.

Have a great weekend,

Down Town

26 Jul

Hello Jewels,

On occasion I head down town Detroit with my husband for lunch with his colleagues which is a privilege for me because one of his colleagues is an art connoisseur with a vast collection in his office and his home. I was eager to speak to him about our tradeshow experience and our market such as bed & breakfasts, wineries and in particular museums and one being the Flint Institute of Art, heading down town for me has recently turned into a dressing up occasion since on most days I dress very casual.

Can you tell I am from Michigan with all the American cars, we Michiganders love to support American cars.

Wayfarer: Ray-Ban, Navy Blue Blazer, Banana Republic, Leather Belt J.Crew, Bird Blouse H&M, Pencil Skirt, J.Crew, Grey Patent Leather Flats Coach, Bag Coach, Jewels essentjewels.

Until next time,

Age Is An Attitude

25 Jul

Hi hunny’s!

If your anything like me, you always like to have fun, you don’t take things to serious, your silly, you act like a big kid free-spirited the list goes on. A few years back I realized there is no rule or policy that you have to act your age. I mean as long as you respect others, have self-respect,  have values, morals and have the best interest in people why do you have to act a certain way? At first I told myself, how can I ever have children if I’m a big kid myself? Then I realized it’s more of an excuse to be a big kid. Don’t get me wrong I’m very mature and people take me very seriously it’s all about the more you respect yourself the more others will respect you. At the end of the day it’s about making the best out of life!  So go have some fun now!  And cheers to that mi amigos!

Take a peek of my fun silly pictures below.


As always, Carolina xoxo

While in Chicago

24 Jul

Hello everyone,

As my sister mentioned we were away over the weekend at the trade show in Chicago and it was a time of reconnecting, learning from our experience, shared clothes, beauty essentials, etc., because that is what sisters do for each other. On another note, we were successful in sales! You’ll be seeing us at Museums, a Bed and Breakfast and Napa Valley Boutiques. Thank you to all who have supported us!

Our rustic organic theme.
After a long day of work in front of the Merchandise Mart.

As my sister mentioned in yesterday’s post that we borrowed clothes, she wore this blouse in yesterday’s post which I borrowed.

I had to take a picture of the American flags in front of the Merchandise Mart as it set-forth our American Dream to be successful entrepreneurs with all of our endeavors.

With love,

Poppin Collars

23 Jul

Hi Jewels!
Were baaaack!

First off we want to apologize for not having a post on Friday, as most of you know my sister and I were at trade-show this weekend. Thank you for all your warm wishes, it really meant a lot to us, you have no idea how fun and excited we are but you’ll have to wait until we have a proper post of the event.

The highlight of my trip was that I spent  intimate time with my sister, I mean we got a chance to sleep in the same bed I even borrowed her deodorant, we came really together. We also shared our make up and hair tips, we went over our skin care routines and we even borrowed each others clothes. Sister and I haven’t done this in years. The last time was when we lived together at our parents house about ten years ago, it felt just like old times. Don’t get me wrong there was a time that I wanted to knock the lights out of her, we are sisters after all, can you blame me she turned on the lights at 3:00 am!! Sure I wanted to punch her lights out. But I soon found out it was due to a headache :(. To cap it all off, I had my wonderful brother in-law take me all around Chicago sight seeing, while my sister was back at the show representing our line, what an amazing sister I have.

The low lights during  our trip was that I wore the same jeans four days in a row, I broke-out horrendously, my flight got delayed six hours!!! And I had Velveeta cheese!!!!!

On another note take a peek of my version of poppin collars, I wore these boyfriend trousers here before, what do you say beautiful friends?

Sunnies: House of harlow| Lips: Mac- Nicki Minaj| Shirt: Laila & Savannah| Trousers: Vince Camuto| Purse: Furla| Watch: Michael Kors| Nails: essie- A crewed interest ( currently my favorite ) Shoes: INC

I’m wearing my favorite essentjewels necklace.
As always, Carolina xoxo

A Lovely Day

19 Jul

Hello Jewels,

Today is a special day as I will be meeting my lovely sister for our first tradeshow in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart, and yesterday while at dinner at Pei Wei Asian Diner I opened my fortune cookie and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Wish us luck!

With love,

Short Story

18 Jul

Hi friends!

Aaaaagain? Yes! Again! I did warn you, I’ve been  living in these shorts night and day. You already know how I feel about S.Y.C I seriously been wearing these with many looks here and here. I stand in front of my closet with a jar of almond butter in my left hand and on the right a heaping spoon-full of almond butter. Friends, don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about, I know you’ve done this before, perhaps it’s just me? Well I’m trying to break this habit but I haven’t broke the code, deep down inside I don’t care to.  Have you tried it before? You gotta try it! It’s just like peanut butter but better!!! Okay where was I? Oh yes! It’s all about being creative and getting the best out of your closet. I wear this polka dot shirt under my suits, yes friends, you heard right. This little lady wears suits to work, I intermix my work and social clothes and viola! You get the Carolina twist, take a peek what do you think???

Summer Blazer: Kimchi Blue- (Urban Outfitters)|Blouse: Pleione ( Nords Rack)| Belt: Banana Republic|Shorts: No name brand| Boots: BCBG ( via Nordstrom Rack)Purse:Pulicati|Sunnies: Ray-Bans|Lip: Mac-Nicki Minaj| Nails: essie- crewed interest| Watch: Marc by Marc Jacob| Jewels:  similar here essentjewels

And here I am being silly, hope you like my unexpected picture.

As always, Carolina xoxo

When in Toronto

17 Jul

Hello there everyone,

Here is another little recap on my holiday in Toronto, fortunately we met up with a friend who happens to be a local which made our experience a memorable one. She was lovely enough to show us the not so tourist spots which my husband and I have known to frequent in the past. And here are some places I enjoyed while in Toronto.

Gooderham & Worts Limited, you can spend hours here, you’ll see beautiful brides taking photos and getting married in art galleries, and of course the essentials, i.e., restaurants, shopping, etc.,

Window shopping for art in the Galleries in Gooderham & Worts Limited is out of the ordinary. I still can’t forget the connection I fault with the painting behind me the first time I glanced at it, it was so intense and her bedroom eyes were so hypnotizing I could have easily took whatever she had in her hand, for all I know it could have been poison. Not to change the subject, but I can only imagine the connection one would have with the Mona Lisa with her mysteries mischievous smile.

The making of fudge through a glass wall, if you see closely you can see the reflection of me taking the picture.

Eating at Buca, by all means this is not a pizza joint, it is known for its rustic decor, aged meats and cheeses, and they give you scissors to cut your pizza, beware you will leave broke.

And shopping in China town for cute accessories such as this sun glasses clutch.

If in Toronto I hope you take the time to visit these hidden jewels trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for visiting.

With love,

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