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The Little Things

30 Apr

It’s the little things that make me happy, that make me smile cheek to cheek. Whether it’s a plant, a nice nail polish, colorful veggies or a simple trinket.  These are the things that keep me content, happy and alive.  At the end of the day, these little things make me scream like a little girl. Take a peek!!

Green water pale can be found at Crate and Barrel

I went to Target to buy two, but I couldn’t resist! I couldn’t decide. I was standing there trying to decide. 15 minutes later I was talking my self in and out of which one I should take. “This would be perfect for work.” “This color I could wear during the weekend.” On and on I went until finally I told myself I deserve it!

I promise, I really wanted to pick another color, but my eyes and my heart were set on this, can you blame me?

This on the go OPI travel case has meant so much to me,  maybe even as much my cell phone. It’s convenient,  fun, cute and it cuts to the chase.

essie: Meet me on sunset.

Bright veggies!! I have a great idea for these beauties!! Stay tuned.

I got this macaron when I went to the The Huntington Library from my previous post here. I snagged the last one! This little cutie can be used for your tiny jewels, mints or use it like I do for vitamins.

If you’re anything like me you forget to take your vitamins. You say you’ll start tomorrow, but let’s face it- tomorrow never comes. Who gets excited over taking vitamins anyways?  My little Macaron case has since then changed my mindset. I’m always so excited to pull this Parisian raspberry trinket out. It makes me see vitamins in another light.

These beauties can be found at Bottega Louie, one of my favorite eateries.

And I, chose the Raspberry macron.

Meet Ham!!! When it comes to flowers, I’m not the best caretaker. I water them, I shed light on them, I feed them, yet I get no luck. So my husband bought me this tiny cacti. 1) hoping to not murder it and 2) he said  “I stay long hours in the kitchen” and he didn’t want  me to feel lonely and that’s how Ham came to live. Why Ham? Well, there’s no reason. I named my cacti solely because it makes me happy, makes me smile, and it makes me feel like a big Ham!!  Lets see how long Ham will last me. It’s the little things that make me happy.

As always, Carolina xoxo

Have A Great Weekend

27 Apr
Have A Great Weekend

Cole haan shoes
$178 –

J.Crew thong sandals
$98 –

BCBG Max Azria wedge sandals
$225 –

Ted Baker peep toe pumps
$205 –

Kate Spade leather flat
$170 –

Lacoste sneaker
$82 –

J Crew ballerina flat
$190 –

Plaids Don’t Always Have to Be For The School Girls

26 Apr

Hi Jewels,

Don’t mind me, I love to people watch.

I love anything with plaids,(especially Burberry) but who can always afford Burberry right! So I settled for these plaid leggings from Orchid Lane who support the global fair trade community and who have been established since 1986, at least I can afford the sun glasses: Burberry.

Purse: Patent leather by Coach. I have been asked occasionally by several friends if I am willing to sell this purse, sorry my precious friends, but not this shiny jewel.

Cashmere cardigan J.Crew, one of my favorites because of the color and because of the softness which only cashmere can offer. The ring inherited: topaz, nail polish essie, Lollypop, and hair inspiration who other than the one and only Katy Perry from her “Teenage Dream Video.” I loved how in most of the video she went from sexy jungle women hair to a cute bun Audrey Hepburn style with bangs oh and so polished. And because the video took place in Santa Barbra and the Central Coast which is where we are from, and last because it so took me back to my “Teenage Dreams” when I was free of cares. Thank you Katy Perry, I watched this video over, and over, and will continue to for the simple pleasures of reliving my “teenage dreams” in my hometown!!!!

Omg, how did I forget to wear my favorite necklace with this get-up (well, they are all my favorite, but you know what I mean)? Oh well, I guess that means I have to wear this outfit again with this necklace, gosh I hate when that happens (yeah right I will come up with another way to mix it up).

Shoes: Joan David, this outfit so would have rocked if the shoes were Christian Louboutin,(CL) (one day). Not to change the subject, but did you know that he came up with idea of the red soles by accident, his employee was painting her nails red and accidentally got it on the sole of the shoe and the rest is history, genius right? I will never, ever, ever, ever, desire any other pair of shoes more!!! Thank you CL employee for making that happy mistake!

Hope you give the plaids a try as they don’t always have to be for school girls,

Saturday Night

25 Apr

I’ll be honest- up until two years ago you would have never caught me at home on a Saturday night making dinner. My husband and I would be out wining and dinning. Now, I can’t wait for Saturday nights, for the sole reason to cook.

My husband was craving pizza. Of course, he was thinking of a traditional pizza with pepperoni and pineapple, but I was going to deliver a pizza with the volume turned up!!!

Wheat bread, tomato paste, Gruyère cheese, Goat cheese, Mozzarella cheese Arugula, Figs, and prosciutto.

Meet my Italian gold!!!

Recipe from Gourmet Girl . I changed it up a bit, sometimes I cant help it sorry, but what fun is it, if you can’t be creative in the kitchen right? I like to think of cooking just like fashion, it all comes down to taste.

Mojitos in the making.

Cheers to our Saturday night!! Enjoying some Italian gold and my yummy Pomegranate Mojito, recipe from Emeril Lagasse

As always, Carolina xoxo

Three Bedroom Essentials

24 Apr

One trinket from mom with an inspirational message to get you through life.

A vanity for pampering.

And a beautiful painting that takes you where only far off dreams can take you.

The one in our room is by the great Russian French Artist Marc Chagall, and it is part of the 12 suite collection from “The Arabian Nights” called “Mounting the ebony horse.” I can’t tell you enough how often I gaze at this painting and it never fails to take me to the heavens above which is one of the characteristics Chagall is known for. I love everything about it, how he basically used one color (turquois) in different shades, included the sky, the sun, the moon, and a couple mounting on a horse traveling to some fantasy land, (mounting on a horse to the heavens with my husband is my deepest desire). Chagall’s work was known for figurative, narrative art and dream-like quality, it is no wonder why I chose to have one of his paintings in our bedroom.

And I leave you here with a quote from Chagall:

My hands were too soft.. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life.
Marc Chagall

Jewels, what are the essentials in your bedroom, we would love to know?


Husband’s Birthday Weekend

20 Apr

Who would have known my birthday and my husband’s birthday would be in the same month? As mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I have rekindled our love for nature so we opted for a lovely day at the L.A.  Arboretum in Arcadia. My husband and I became members of this soothing place years ago, and we missed it so much we had to reinstate our memberships. But wait! We didn’t just go for a walk in the garden. I made it extra special and packed us a gourmet picnic! Mother bought me this adorable, practical picnic basket that I have used on numerous occasions. It’s been sitting dormant for months now, so you can imagine how excited I was to re-introduce it to some sunlight!!

All ready for Monday fun day! Allllll aboard, Pinot Grigio, Farmers Market Hazel nuts, Toscano Cheese soaked in Syrah, Kalamata Olives, dehydrated figs, Pita crackers, pinot Grigo infused salami, Il Forteto Honey, sparkling mineral water, cod fish on a bed of Arugula with a rustic Parisian nutty bread and can’t forget the green tea mints!

Wondering where I got the practical appetizer plate? Create & Barrel! I originally bought these for an appetizer party at my house. I would  find myself eating away and thinking “ahh shucks! Where did I leave my glass?” (Let alone “is this one mine?”) If you’ve experienced this, come to the rescue with appetizer plates from Create & Barrel. Trust me, they will be great conversation pieces.

Until a few years ago I had no idea that the male peacocks are the ones who got all the attention. They’re colorful, friendly, and darn gorgeous. You might see glimpses of sunlight, but the weather was a bit foggy, and my hats have been patiently waiting for me. I was having a bad hair day so I decided to wear this lovely 1920s hat mother bought me. hat: brand unknown, cardigan sweater: Nordstrom Curio,  sunnies:  House of Harlow and our essentjewels desert necklace.

Enjoying the Peacock show: Peacock showing interest in peahen by displaying himself.

Garden inspiration: Authentic Cacti arrangements.

The reason why Spring is my favorite season.

As always, Carolina! Xoxo

How to Dress Your Table and Creamy Chicken

19 Apr

You know how they say every lady has a special recipe? My special recipe happens to be creamy chicken with mushrooms. I love anything creamy with mushrooms, but this special recipe calls for capers. The capers add just enough tang to this dish.

The essential ingredients and recipe can be found here.

Table is set! (table runner is a scarf I wear occasionally from Greece)

Now for the results!

I finished the dish with French green beans instead of zucchini, but I have tried it with both, and both go well together.

cloudy with a chance of sarai

We know that ‘cloudy with a chance of sarai’ likes to use her scarves and jewels to accessories her home decor.

Jewels, do you have a special recipe you’re known for? Or do you have accessories you use for multiple purposes? Let us know. We love ideas!!

Thank you for stopping by,

We’re jonesing for…

18 Apr

…some new sunglasses! A couple of summers ago I was working at a marina, so I splurged on a quality pair of Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses. Those babies were good to me and even made it back from the bottom of Little Traverse Bay. I think they have reached the end of their days, though. My dog jumped up to give me kisses and knocked them off, leaving them in more pieces than there should be. But that just means it’s time for new ones! I’m still a huge fan of Warby Parker because they’re so reasonably priced and totally cute. I’m also loving this sunglasses case.

Five Eco Friendly Essentials

17 Apr

Hi Jewels,

Earth Day is fast approaching (April 22) and in honor of celebrating this joyous occasion you know we are going be dressing up.

Five Eco friendly essentials, polished nails, shoes that make a statement, a sophisticated dress, a chic necklace, and of course a handbag to complete the outfit.

Honeybee Gardens

Hetty Rose

eco citizen


Just Jane

Let us know what you are doing to preserve earth?

Preserve the earth because she’s the only one we know,

Fab TV

16 Apr

Holy cow, I am in love with these girls! In my internet adventures this week, I came across Leah and Mary from Fabulous on a Budget. They make these wonderful videos about all kinds of things and I’m so loving them! Now, please excuse me while I go on a Fab TV bender.

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