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Marvelous Meringues

29 Jun

Now that summer is finally here I was in the mood for another light summer treat, like marvelous meringues. These sweet delicacies are very airy and light and before you know it you have had one too many.

The first ingredients calls for egg whites and salt whisked until stiff and you must be able to turn the bowl upside down without any movement from the whisked egg whites and salt.

My how glossy (after adding the two sugars).

The necklace you can find here and the essential ingredients are as following:

4 egg whites
pinch of salt
2/3 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cups superfine sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy cream, lightly whipped, to serve

1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F/120. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.

2. Place the egg whites and salt in a large clean bowl and, using an electric handheld mixer, whisk until stiff. (You should be able to turn the bowl upside down without any movement from whisked egg whites.)

3. Whisk in the granulate sugar, a little at a time; the meringue should begin to look glossy at this stage. Sprinkle in the superfine sugar, a little at time, and continue whisking until all the sugar has been incorporated and the meringue is thick, white, and forms peaks.

4. Transfer the meringue mixture to a pastry bag fitted with a 3/4-inch /2-cm star tip. Pipe about 26 small whirls of the mixture onto the prepared cookie sheets. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 1/2 hours, or until the meringues are pale golden in color and can be easily lifted off the paper. Let them cool overnight in the turned-off oven.

5. Just before serving, sandwich the meringues together in pairs with cream and arrange on a serving plate.

The results.

Oh, if you are wondering why the different change of polish it is because the recipes calls for letting them cool off over night. The night that I baked these I let them cool off over night and decided I was much in need of a manicure, after all my work from making jewelry and baking these wonderful treats. I hope you give them a try they are perfect for summer.

With love,

spread the love

28 Jun

Hello there lovelies,

How is everyone this beautiful morning?

Just a little friendly reminder about our giveaway.

Help us by spreading the word to your fellow bloggers or how about trying to win it as a gift for someone you may know who would treasure it, all participants will receive a 10% off their purchases after the give away stay tuned!


Giveaway: essentjewels turquoise bracelet.

With love,

Snake Skin and Cut Offs

27 Jun

I’ll be living in these shorts all summer, I’ve been wearing them with everything from a casual relaxed to a polished look. I’m someone who shops everywhere! If I like it, I’m getting it and this means anywhere from Neiman Marcus to good old JC Penny’s!!!! Whao!! I haven’t heard of that store in years. The other day I was off to the good ol Nordstrom half-yearly sale and I knew it would be impossible to get parking near by, so I parked by JC Penny’s and in I went through the doors rushing and storming my way in. Guess what I found at Penny?? This amazing snake blazer for $34.oo !! Can you believe it!! Well, perhaps you’re not as excited or animated as I am, but I love it!! You’ll be seeing me wear this transitional piece from summer to winter! Now I can add JC Penny’s to my list! Take a peek.! I say it’s a yes! hurry! go get one!

Sunnies: House of Harlow| Blouse: Averly| Shorts: No name brand| Blazer: JCpenny| Polish: essie funky limelight.

I wear this green blouse to work under my suit, yes! I wear a suit to work. Sometimes I can’t believe it my self, I know, I know sooo stuffy.

Happy Hump day!

By the way, I just opened my mail and I got a free $25.00 gift card for Ann Taylor!!!!!!!!! Another one to add to my list, Ann Taylor has come a long way, you should check it out! If Banana Republic and J.Crew had a baby it would be Ann Taylor, you follow me….

As always, Carolina xoxo

Snake Skin and Cheetah Print

26 Jun

Hello there Gorgeous Gems,

After my Florida post I figured I would tone it down, also because the weather somewhat cooled off. I attempted this classic constantly trending combing animal prints and as if that was not enough I added the classic Burberry plaids. I am a big fan of plaids as mentioned in a previous post here. In theory fashion is about trending classics with a twist or with a slight update would you agree?

Loafers: Gucci in forest green which I consider essentjewel. These are what I call black heels because they play as black heels.

Cardigan: J.Crew I am obsessed with cardigans. I can never have enough of them in my closet.

Nail polish: essie no more film, I have a feeling I will be wearing this one a lot in the fall.

Snake skin dress: Ann Taylor. This dress takes me from ordinary to confident, don’t you love when a dress does that? If only I could wear it to an interview, kidding!

Earrings: twisted stones by essentjewels which you can find here currently an essenjewel for me, I am thinking they will remain an essentjewel not only currently.

The Burberry bag is very meaningful to me because it is one of the first things my hubby bought me, years ago and I didn’t select, he knows me too well. He knows I love the classics this was also very early on in our relationship (thank you honey).

Want-to-be Wayfarer: bungalow I need a genuine pair like yesterday, however these are not too shabby, bungalow does an awesome job about what they choose to carry in their store, as I walked in there I immediately felt a California vibe because of the music they were playing, and the ambiance. Lipstick by FlIRT wicked, how can you not buy a lipstick called wicked.

And pearl strand essentjewels eccentric you can find here, which lives up to its name, every time I combine a get-up that in my opinion is pretty eccentric, I add this simple pearl strand which is a lot of the time is all I need. For more of a youthful approach to the pearl strand wear it partially underneath the neckline of your top everyone knows it’s a pearl strand even when its partially showing.

Jewels, what are some classic combos or modern trends that you attempted and where surprised with the results?

With love,

Meet My Family!

25 Jun

As promised, here are the three loves of my life!

Here is our little Sophie AKA (shopie), my honey’s five year old niece wrote us a letter and spelled Sophie “Shopie” which had us laughing our socks off and since then the name stuck. Why I love her? She’s a little feisty three pound Yorkie, who makes my laundry day’s oh so much fun, she follows me everywhere, I go to the restroom and there she is! I pile all my clothes by sorting them by colors I get them ready to toss in the washer and next thing you know Sophie pops out! She always finds a way to brighten my day!

How can anyone say “No” to these piercing eyes?

Here is Sophie’s brother Kobe our one year old black standard poodle. He is the gentlest happy-go-lucky spoiled dog that we ever met. We like to say he is the luckiest dog ever, but in reality, he has no idea that we are the luckiest! He would rather play with his big red rubber ball then eat a home cooked steak, granted we never give him table food, but I’m trying to describe his personality. If you ever get a chance to meet him, he will for sure make your arm fall asleep.

Kobe met a friend! He’s such a ham!

Happy Monday! And happy first official week of summer!! No other way to celebrate it than with classic wedges, cut offs and a neon summer sweater!

Sunnies: House of Harlow| Brown sweater: BCBG| Neon Sweater: H&M| Shorts: no name brand| Shoes: gaimo espadrilles| Over sized clutch: Furla| Essie: Lovie Dovie|Earrings:essentjewels

Meet my honey Paul! Talk about a simple man with simple needs, my kind of man, enough said!

As always, Carolina xoxo

Think Pink

22 Jun

Happy Friday beautiful people!

Not into wearing colored jeans? Not to worry, at times around my parent’s or in-law’s I feel as if they are thinking I might be a little to old for colored jeans. I quickly started looking for adult like colored pants, I found these socially acceptable adult pink polyester pants with sophisticated pockets. Sorry I didn’t take pictures of my behind 🙂 but not to worry, I’ll be sure to wear these suckers again since it is my new mantra to SMC, “shop my closet.” Perhaps I could have done with out my bright lips since my pants are doing all the talking, but I couldn’t resist! I’m in love! And his name is morange you can see for your self here.

Sunnies: Ray-Ban| Belt/Button up: Express– (work)| Pants: Page| Blazer: Bebe (work) Shoes: Vince Camuto| Purse: Marc by Marc Jacob| Watch: Michael Kors| Cuff: essentjewels.

I’m going to a well deserved getaway this weekend at one of my favorite places Gleny Ivy  or Manhattan Beach.  Hope you beauties have a wonderful one!

As always, Carolina xoxo

Five Essential BFF Qualities

21 Jun

Hi Jewels,

I feel totally blessed to have one of the best of friends I could have ever asked for (as cheeky as it may sound). She has great qualities which I consider essential in a best friend.

One she listens to you.

Two she accepts you, three she doesn’t judge you.

Four she supports you (I am especially blessed because she supports our work and loves to model it too).

And five you share a common ground with which means you always have something to talk about and have a great time together regardless of what you are doing, even when times are challenging which only makes our friendship grow as we also become better people (thank you God for putting her in my life).

What are the essential qualities you look for in a best friend, we would love to know?


Clams In White Wine

20 Jun

This past Saturday we finally had no plans, lately it’s been celebration after celebration. I was looking forward to our Saturday night as mentioned here Saturday nights are my relaxing days, I can take my sweet time to cook anything I want. I know, I know, this system will probably change when I start having the kiddies, but at least we will have lovely memories to look back on. Wouldn’t you agree?

Scrubbed clams ready to be sautéed in white wine.

light and healthy ingredients.

Clams in white wine, the aroma in here is out of this world!!

A light and healthy dish, you can find the recipe here, since this was my first healthy pasta dish, I had to cheat a little, I added a table-spoon of butter and mascarpone cheese. This is heaven on a plate.

Happy Wednesday Ruby beauties!


As always, Carolina xoxo


20 Jun

Hi Jewels,

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Feeling Like Florida

19 Jun

Hello Jewels,

The weather in the MI (Michigan) has been hot and humid and feeling like I am in Florida. Us Michiganders love to vacation in Florida during the cold grey winters, that is if my husband and I are not in California visiting my family. So what did I do, I faked it like I was in Florida, I put on what I call my Florida attire because it is bright and colorful, only I did not feel like wearing a skirt/dress.

Hair my friends: valcro rulers they are great because I am not adding unnecessary heat to my hair which I do enough of with a blow dryer.

Cross Necklace: Faith (currently what is keeping me living) essentjewels which you can find here.

Coral blouse: Express and Coral Lipstick: Bobbi Brown

Want-to-be Ray Ban Wayfarer: bungalow

Belt: J.Crew, our Carol pearls strand bracelet you can find here: essentjewels, wire watch: Gucci

Floral kitten heel heels: Etienne Aigner (this is probably as floral as it gets for me, everything else I will keep as chic as possible). Nail Polish: O.P.I. (Did it on EM) which I am currently addicted to because I have had it on my toes for a month now and it plays pretty close to a neutral, it is also not a true yellow, it is more in between a yellow/lime which works with my skin tone, a true yellow most likely would have not worked.

White Jeans: Paige

Ring: Sea essentjewels, you can find here, everyone is doing it mixing the gold with the silver, I also added our accountability bracelet you can find here, I think mixing the silver and gold really works well when wearing bright colors, and nail polish: Revlon (Coastal Surf) , I had to put it on because I had Florida on my mind.

And there you have it my Florida attire.

Thank you for visiting me in Florida my friends,