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DIY: Leopard Fur Collar

28 Feb

I sell our jewelry at local vintage events which means I am constantly finding little gems myself, like this genuine leopard fur collar and cashmere cardigan. I figured it would be a perfect DIY project. I used sew-on snaps to attach the collar to the cardigan.






And now I have a classic cashmere leopard fur collar cardigan. The best part is by adding sew-on snaps to the leopard collar it can be easily snapped off and snapped to other garments.

Essentials: sew-on snaps, needle, and string, all purchased at Joann Fabrics.

Black White and Neon Yellow

27 Feb

My intention for my outfit posts on the blog is to keep track of what I have in my wardrobe so that I could get the best use out of it and only invest in essentials that I can wear from season to season which is why you see me styling my garments in different ways, like my favorite leggings which I also wore here.






You bet I will be wearing these leggings again come this spring.

J.Crew Neon Yellow Blouse – Alice and Olivia Faux Fur Vest – Leggings no-name – DKNY Burgundy Bag – Franco Sarto Boots (Old)

Until next time,

Cap Toe Trend

26 Feb

What do you think of this new trend? I think it gives any outfit an instant sophistication, it’s definitely a show stopper. I already invested in a pair. I got my eye on you neon yellow! Take a peek.

cap 1


Premiere Of Open Road's "The Grey" - Arrivals



As always, Carolina Xoxo

Biker Girl Meets Girly Girl

25 Feb

I had a busy weekend, ( my kind of weekend- I’ll explain in another post) our photographer took pictures of our jewels, so get ready to see some new designs on the website. We have been preparing non-stop for next weekend’s event but even more exciting we just got accepted to the Sierra Madre Wisteria Lane annual event!!!! This little town is a jewel in it self. Little quaint small towns always whisk me away to where we grew up. I Was feeling inspired by V-Day, but it’s still a bit chilly for this Cali girl hence the colorful pieces and an accent of edge. Take a peek.







As always, Carolina Xoxo

Happy Weekend

22 Feb

While I don’t have much plans for the weekend which usually consists of a jewelry event I am looking forward to the Oscars as I am sure many of us are.

Oscar night and Valentine’s Day are a couple of the exciting events in February which always seems to fly by as it is such a short month.

Here are a couple of things that got me through this week:

All the posts from NY and London Fashion week, although I must say Kate Spade‘s fall 2013 collection was probably the brightest I have seen so far. This look can be achieved by adding splashes of color to the classic polka-dots or stripes which I am sure most of us have in our closets. I can’t wait to try it come this spring!

Was anyone else shocked about Desiree not getting a rose from the Sean the Bachelor? That was one sad departure from the two at the end. I was hoping her brother was in on another prank, for one he looked nothing like her family or looked liked he belonged to the family. I am guessing he is the black sheep. On another note, does anyone else think that Ashlee is too needy?

I’m still going strong on my not shopping challenge from my small group. Actually it was only for a week, but since I was raised catholic I have now gave it up for lent.

Not shopping does not mean I can’t browse the web for inspiration, and I have my eyes set on these shoes!

And while browsing the web I came across s the cutest simplest appetizers for Oscar night here that anyone can try, and would make anyone smile.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

DIY: Pretty Polish Remover Bottle

21 Feb

The thought of applying nail polish remover to my nails make me cringe every time. For one the smell is unbearable, two my husband gets on my case because of all the harsh chemicals, and three it doesn’t come in the prettiest bottles. The scented ones are somewhat better to handle, but I thought by putting in a prettier bottle it might excite me more to use this beauty essential.







I used Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels: all-purpose gel adhesive and iridescent glitter in cotton-candy.

Note: I made sure to add a label to prevent any accidents.

Until next time,

How to Walk on Snow or Ice with Heels

20 Feb

Unfortunately the snow does not keep me from wearing heels the key is to “place your foot straight down so you do not slip” which I learned here and it worked!




On another note in order from keeping my green coat and red pumps from looking too holiday like I wore them with all neutrals underneath and my mustard yellow Coach leather cross-body bag.

Tulle Clothing Coat United Colors of Benetton White Blouse – Ann Taylor Navy Blue Peplum Blouse – United Colors of Benetton Slacks – Coach Leather Cross-body BagYves Saint Laurent (YSL) Red Pumps

Until next time,

Salmon and Quinoa

19 Feb

Growing up once a year our parents’ would take us to our grandparents’ in Palm Dessert which was about 8 hours south from where we lived with our father driving extra cautious who loved and loves to drive and enjoy the scenery. All the grandchildren about 15 of us total used to go in grandma’s back yard climb up the trees run around like crazy kids while we enjoyed lemons from our grandma’s tree. Lemons are a big part of our family, actually I would like to assume in most Latin homes. At times we would have 3 in one sitting (gulp) bringing up my childhood has made me realize how much I love our blog and how it has brought my sister and I closer in many levels. Just wanted to say thank you for your warm comments and love. I’m compiling a few questions so you can have more of a connection of who I am. Some questions are silly, because I’m silly but some are serious. Stay tuned. Oh yes! This dish!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This has been on repeat in our home. I like to think it’s a collaboration between mine and my honey’s up bringing. My honey is South American, Quinoa was a staple in his family and I already mentioned the lemon story ha! It only takes me 30 min to make this flavorful, filling, healthy husband approved dish. I say it’s a yes!

You can find it here.





The Salmon is hiding.

As Always, Carolina xoxo

Spring is in the Air

18 Feb

How are you celebrating President’s weekend? Here’s a sneak peek of mine. Enjoy!







yummy blood oranges.

As always, Carolina xoxo

Ready for Spring

15 Feb

Who is as ready for spring as I am? While I know emerald is the color for 2013 and black and white will be big this spring, it is always the pretty pastels that get me in spring mode and set the mood for the rest of the year.


While I patiently wait for spring these are a couple of things that got me through the week.

Reading my bff’s new blog: biteintonutrition hope you join her in on her journey while she dishes in about healthy life style choices, and recipes full of flavor with the essentials of all things nutrition.

My small group from church where we discussed challenges we meet on a day-to-day basis. I shared that I am addicted to shopping, and my challenge was to not shop and instead strive to be more generous (so far so good).

The Bachelor yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures, it has been said by producers that this show is one of the most realistic out of any of the reality shows. I was very happy to see Tierra go, she is as immature as they come, and talk about drama queen!

A Valentine lunch with my hubby at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, MI known for countless awards, and been featured in both Esquire Magazine, and on Oprah Winfrey, it definitely lived up to its recognition(s).

And browsing the web for new spring recipes. I love any salad that calls for mint, I will definitely have to try this one.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

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