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Essential Closet Clean-up

5 Sep

Hello there Jewels,

I dedicated an entire day to prepare my closet for fall and winter which are two of my favorite seasons for fashion.

Part of the process was making sure that everything was visible which allows me to take advantage of my wardrobe. I used to keep my bags in their dust bag, and shoes in their shoe box, and I found myself forgetting about most of my stuff and realized I kept wearing the same things over again.

First thing I did was invest in new hangers which is essential for maximizing closet space. I purchased these and I made sure to have extra for new purchases. Next I set-up three piles; one to store which consisted of my spring and summer items that won’t transition into fall, another pile to give, and another hoping to consign, only I didn’t take a photo of the piles because they were not much of a sight to see.

I organized all my shoes according to color.

I hung my jeans first and skirts second.

And I hung my tops at the top, which is easier to work with when I am trying to put a out-fit together, also organized according to color.

I used suit hangers to hang my slacks and trousers to avoid the crease you get in the middle when they are hung with regular hangers.

I also set my duffel bag at the bottom to have it ready to go for travels, and prevent me from asking my husband to get it down from the top shelf in my closet because it is out of my reachable capabilities.

I hope these tips were helpful and that they motivated you if not already done. I know I need inspiration to become more motivated for essential projects.

Until next time,

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