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Floral on Floral

11 Mar

I got a new toy! A food processor!! I’m most excited about cutting my time in half in the kitchen. I have been on this yellow squash binge lately, guess who will be my first victim?? If anyone has some great tips or recipes send them this way.

Never thought I would wear one pattern but here it goes. what do you say? Take a peek.






These are my two favorite bracelets as of now. Rosewood coin pearl and Chocolate wood with a pave spacer. Made for stacking.

As always, Carolina Xoxo

Metallic and a Pop of Red

24 Jan

Hello everyone!

This sweater has become one of favorites this winter, it can be worn dressed-up or down it will make a statement either way.





And a pop of red was all I needed to complete the look.

Sweater – Rock & Republic, Lips – Orange Bobbi Brown, Jewels – essentjewewls, Clutch – White House Black Market, Boucle Shorts – here, Ribbed Tights – J.Crew, Pumps –Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Until next time,

Gloomy Gray

20 Dec

Happy Thursday Jewels,

One reason I love gloomy gray weather is because I can wear a lot of my favorite accessories such as scarfs, tights, boots, etc…




I had this sweater dress for many years and I love how simple it is because I can accessorize it differently giving it a new look, sometimes I wear it from front to back like I did here.

Cashmere Sweater Dress – bebe, Earrings – essentjewels here, Sunnies – Burberry, lips – Lancome (377N Midnight Rose) Polish – essie blue rhapsody here, scarf (old) – no name, Leather Cross-body Bag – Coach, bracelet – essentjewels here, Tights – J.Crew here, booties – Coach (last season)

Until next time,

Guest Post: Glad2bawoman

21 Nov

Big is in – Chunky jewellery is a rage!


Earlier women advocated the dainty look. Tiny and delicate rings, elegant pendants, studs for the ears or teardrop earrings – nothing too loud or flashy. Fashion was all about being understated. This concept has undergone a massive overhaul – women like to be noticed and how!
Neon shades of yellow, pink, purple and orange have replaced the sober pastels of yore, brightly coloured ballerina flats or chunky platform heels and wedges with large flower embellishments have replaced the dainty kitten heeled sandals and large statement rings; cocktails rings, huge danglers and big pendants have overshadowed the dainty jewellery so favoured by women a few years ago.
Oversized jewellery with abstract designs and bright colours are not only being worn by the young women of today, this trend has caught the fancy of older women as well. The style is hippy and fun and looks very good if it is paired with the right ensemble. They add a fun visual element to all outfits and can be paired effortlessly with all kinds of outfits – even formal wear if you are careful about how you go about it.
Such jewellery is easily available and suits all budgets as they are sold everywhere – from high end showrooms to small shops. In fact, the major pro of this style is that it is available. Young women like picking up chunky bracelets, bangles, pendants and earrings to wear with a plain white tee and jeans outfit or A-line tunics and leggings at roadside flea markets without a thought. A note of caution though, like all styles, this one has its own dos and don’ts.
“If you pair a chunky bracelet or earrings with clothing that also has many colours and designs then it doesn’t work – the ensemble just looks confused,” says pretty young thing Mishka, sporting a large owl pendant worn over a pastel tee-shirt. Also, don’t overdo it – wear one chunky piece at a time. If you team a chunky bracelet with over sized earrings and a large pendant, chances are that you will end up looking like a veritable fashion disaster.

So go ahead, add some panache to your outfit!


Guest article from: http://www.glad2bawoman.com

Also visit their site for a recent article authored by essentjewels here.

Descanso Gardens Holiday Botanical Bling

13 Nov

Hello Jewels,

I hope you are all having a lovely day.

We are happy to announce that this year we will be participating at this years Descanso Gardens Holiday Botanical Bling. The Descanso Gardens are known for its all year round lush natural beauty and stunning seasonal displays.

We like to imagine it heaven on earth.

Events such as The Patch’s Little Pumpkins Costume Challenge gave the opportunity for one lucky child to meet the beautiful Heidi Klum.

We think it will be a perfect venue for our rustic display.

Wish us luck!

With love,

Taking Care of Business

15 Oct

Happy Monday Jewels,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. A couple of weeks ago I took the time to follow-up with the gift shop at the Flint Institute of Arts which is one of the museums that is selling our jewelry, and I decided to go for a professional look.

The more I visit museums the more inspired I become.

Earrings: essentjewels, Wayfarer Ray Ban, lipstick Bobbi Brown soft coral, navy blue blazer Banana Republic, animal print top Ann Taylor, bag Wilshire Louis Vuitton capri pants Ann Taylor, red pumps Yves Saint Laurent (YSL).

Until next time,

Billie Jean

26 Sep

Happy Wednesday Jewels,

Although I am nowhere near a groupie as Michael Jackson referred to Billie Jean in is his famous song which happens to be my favorite dancing song I definitely feel like I can pass for a girl named Billie Jean is this get-up.

These boots are super comfy and I’m loving this color because it is very neutral, the black were too harsh for my liking, and the brown were a little too predictable, these are the stone leather which is more of a gray.

Wayfarer Ray Ban, earrings essentjewels, chambray grand & greene, belt J.Crew (old) tribal clutch Miztique, watch Gucci, skinnies 7 for all mankind, boots Steve Madden you can find here.

Until next time,

Bride Essentials

13 Sep

Happy Thursday Lovelies,

For a bride take a peek.

I added hints of subtle blue for “something blue.” I used sterling silver, cultivated fresh water pearls, rose quartz, and chalcedony. This jewelry would be perfect for the effortless bride in a chiffon dress.

Prices will vary upon request.

Handmade with love,

American Girl

10 Jul

Hello there Jewels,

I hope you are all off to an excellent Tuesday.

It used to be that I would wake up to an 8-5 dressing up in a pencil skirts, polo shirts, dresses, slacks, etc., now a days I am enjoying what we Americans do best wear jeans. Yes, we know we Americans love to wear jeans, why not, we make the best ones. I have had these jeans for seven years and they get better with time my friends.

Chambray: grand & greene, everyone should have one of these in their wardrobe.

I am such a fan of gold cuffs and pearls: essentjewels, and I especially like to wear them combined, this is actually a two strand pearl bracelet, and I added my vintage wire Gucci watch in between. I guess you are all getting the hint that my style is very classic, but don’t be surprised if you see me in a post wearing something very modern, and by modern I mean futuristic especially when it comes to shoes, the edgier the better.

Awe, just saw one of my favorite persons over the weekend my hair dresser, not only does he do an excellent job with my hair, he entertains, and makes me laugh. I absolutely cannot live without him. I don’t know what I would do if I moved. I have been seeing him for six years now since I moved to Michigan. He knows exactly what I want every time I see him, which doesn’t change, but if it works for me why break it right? Loafers: Coach

My polish for the 4th red, white, blue, I did my part of being patriotic.

Jeans: AG, super comfy and I love the fit, they are feeling a little snug on me lately I better watch it, us petite people have to really watch what we eat, a couple of pounds is like 20 pounds for the average person.

And a dainty necklace is all I needed to complete this classic look: sweet essentjewels, and of course I had to wear this with my aviator Ray-bans.

I hope you are all off to a fanatic week, and thank you for visiting us.

With love,

Marvelous Meringues

29 Jun

Now that summer is finally here I was in the mood for another light summer treat, like marvelous meringues. These sweet delicacies are very airy and light and before you know it you have had one too many.

The first ingredients calls for egg whites and salt whisked until stiff and you must be able to turn the bowl upside down without any movement from the whisked egg whites and salt.

My how glossy (after adding the two sugars).

The necklace you can find here and the essential ingredients are as following:

4 egg whites
pinch of salt
2/3 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cups superfine sugar
1 1/4 cups heavy cream, lightly whipped, to serve

1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees F/120. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.

2. Place the egg whites and salt in a large clean bowl and, using an electric handheld mixer, whisk until stiff. (You should be able to turn the bowl upside down without any movement from whisked egg whites.)

3. Whisk in the granulate sugar, a little at a time; the meringue should begin to look glossy at this stage. Sprinkle in the superfine sugar, a little at time, and continue whisking until all the sugar has been incorporated and the meringue is thick, white, and forms peaks.

4. Transfer the meringue mixture to a pastry bag fitted with a 3/4-inch /2-cm star tip. Pipe about 26 small whirls of the mixture onto the prepared cookie sheets. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 1/2 hours, or until the meringues are pale golden in color and can be easily lifted off the paper. Let them cool overnight in the turned-off oven.

5. Just before serving, sandwich the meringues together in pairs with cream and arrange on a serving plate.

The results.

Oh, if you are wondering why the different change of polish it is because the recipes calls for letting them cool off over night. The night that I baked these I let them cool off over night and decided I was much in need of a manicure, after all my work from making jewelry and baking these wonderful treats. I hope you give them a try they are perfect for summer.

With love,

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