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Longing For

25 Jan

TGIF Jewels,

About this time of the year I long for a nice vacation to get away from the cold gray weather just as long as it’s warm enough that I can lie around in a hammock and soak in the sun which I am in much need of.


Photo: Via Pinterest

Where are your favorite spots to vacation or where would you vacation if giving the opportunity?

Here are my top five:


Costa Rica

Tulum Mexico

The islands of Greece

St. Barth

Have a fabulous weekends Jewels,


Essential: Girl-Getaway

19 Sep

Happy Wednesday Lovelies,

Part of living a well-balanced life includes investing in healthy relationships that are genuine, help us grow to become better people, challenges and all. My bff treated me this summer to a Girl-Getaway in Chicago during the week which I especially enjoyed because I am not a fan of weekend crowds. We had the time of our life. We did the essentials girls love to do, shopped until we dropped, happy hours, hair treatments, etc., but the most of important part of it all was that we spent quality time together, and here are a couple of things we enjoyed while in Chicago.

Lunch at Mimi’s Cafe

The skyscrapers of course

Leaving a store without purchasing anything which rarely happens.(please excuse the red eyes we used an iphone to take the photos and removing the red-eye turns them grey and I don’t have grey eyes although it would be nice).

Garden art

And drinks at Howl At The Moon after hair treatments, and wearing our new blouses we purchased that same day because we couldn’t wait to wear them. My friend’s style is very flirty resort which I could never pull off. I keep telling her she is living in the wrong state and needs to move to Florida, but if she did I would probably follow.

I am truly blessed to have such a great friend(s) it is essential for me to make time for them, now if I could only do a girl getaway more often.

Until next time,

Italian Coast.

17 Sep

Hello from the Italian coast again!

Who needs an apple as a snack when you can snack on mozzarella cheese! This became a tradition for my honey and I. A small bottle of wine, mozzarella cheese, curd meat, and we ready to sight-see and enjoy this amazing paradise.
I bought a cute pair of gold metallic leather flats in Florence, take a peek. What do you think friends?

Kiss, kiss, bye, bye Sorrento!

Happy Monday friends!
As always, Carolina xoxo

Ciao! From Sorrento

14 Sep

Ciao from Italy’s coast. Our plan is to visit: Sorrento, Capri, Positano, and Amalfi.

Here we are at the first city on our list Sorrento. A city full of life, tourists, great weather, serene panoramic views,  locals and fresh seafood. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

An Italian gentlemen jumped in the picture while taking photos of these lemons. As he says “I only take photos for nice girls,” (what a sweet man). The Italian coast is known for lemons, huge enormous lemons as you can see above. I soon realized this was the perfect town for me, you see we grew up with lemons. Lemon on salad, lemon ice cream, lemon cocktails, you name it. It was all here, hundreds and hundreds of lemon stores.

The best Italian curd meat Capicola love, love, love!

You already know how I feel about bite size treats, and this little muffin and espresso duo did the trick. Super yummy and super cute.

Me, this is the best pose I can do.

Robolita Italian vegetable soup. I’ve about had this five times, talk about burst of flavors herbs and cheese.  I can’t wait to make this dish at home, It probably won’t be as good, I’ll get it right perhaps on my third attempt, trust me it will be well worth the work.

Ciao from Sorrento!
As always, Carolina xoxo

CIAO From Florence

10 Sep

Happy Monday friends!

Here we are today enjoying Florence a magical place full of life, friendly locals, beautiful people, great food and the best of the best art. Honey and I walked and walked throughout the city where piazza’s ruled with enormous size sculptures, fountains and many many restorantes. My favorite time is during the evening, it’s like as if I was whisked away to Never Never Land for adults with violinist, vino rosso and candle light settings everywhere, wish you were here!

Enjoying our walk in this gorgeous city while a guitarist plays.

Hope you are enjoying these pictures, if I don’t reply back to your warm comments that’s because I have no access to the internet. Talk to you soon friends!

By the way, I’ve only have gained 2 pounds which is quite surprising since my weight fluctuates all the time, I figure I would at least gain 10 pounds while on vacation, which is always the case, perhaps I’m being a little cautious because I have my very good friend’s Santa Barbara wedding this coming Saturday. Whoa! I can’t wait to return home and to  my back to basic Saturday’s.

As always, Carolina

CIAO! From San Gimignano!

7 Sep

CIAO friends!

I knew I was in for a history and art lesson while in Italy, but never did I imagine it a museum. Everywhere I look there’s history. Take a peek friends!

Here we are in Tuscany, a world in its own. This is my version of heaven on earth, majestic views that go on and on, greenery everywhere, beautiful hills, with an abundance of olive trees and vineyards. Because I was raised in a small town, I enjoy small town charm and I tend to gravitate towards my roots.

Breakfast overlooking San Gimignano, Tuscany.

I love this little intimate romantic city.

Arrevedeci from Tuscany!

As always, Carolina xoxo

A Hidden Jewel

2 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Here I thought that most of my life I lived in the “Golden Coast” (California) until I came across the Gold Coast of Michigan known for its majestic beaches, some rocky and some with soft white sand, 70 degree waters compared to the Caribbean, swimming with standards poodles, (second picture towards your right) surrounding small charm towns, and breathtaking sunsets. We ventured off to North Point Beach, and Sleeping Bear Dunes voted as the most beautiful place in the Country according to Good Morning America.

If you are looking for the true American Pie head on over to the northwest corner of Michigan also known for its farm land of growing cherries, and wineries, all the surrounding restaurants will master their own special recipe using cherries.

Thank you God for placing me in such a beautiful state.

Until next time,

Plans for the weekend

9 Mar

Hi Jewels!

It’s Monica! What are your plans for the weekend? I will be celebrating my husband’s birthday. I reserved a two night stay at the cozy Castle in the Country. It’s a bed and breakfast embedded in an enchanted forest near the Kalamazoo River in Allegan, Michigan. I’m really hoping to see some unicorns and fairies in this enchanted forest.

The Grill House


Jewels, I know what you’re thinking. The trip sounds more about me than my husband, but after much research and since Hattem (my husband) is sort of a meat connoisseur, I also made reservations at The Grill House which is a restaurant five minutes away from the castle. The Grill House is included in the Steak Paradise List on the Travel-channel. This isn’t your typical steak house where you wait for the chef to prepare your cut of meat. At The Grill House you grill it yourself. Not only do you grill it yourself, but you select it! Hattem will be like a kid in a candy store when he finds out that he will have to choose from Ribeye, Filet Mignon, New York Strip, and the king of them all the Lumberjack Steak. The dining also becomes a unique experience as you swap stories with others while cooking your dinner.

I also booked two side-by-side facials at the spa in the castle, which are much-needed from the dryness of this long winter. Thank God spring is on its way! I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of pampering and relaxation, but what I am looking forward to the most is the expression on Hattem’s face at The Grill House. After all, it is his weekend. I have a feeling this will become a tradition in the near future.

Fill us in on your weekend plans, jewels!

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