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Weekend Recap

24 Dec

Christmas came a little early this year. It was a time of laughing together, cooking together, playing games, enjoying great food with some tasty wine all with our family. Take a peek.

Meet my family.

CSC_1285DSC_1262 DSC_1263

DSC_1287  CSC_1311


Have a blessed Christmas beauties!

As always Carolina, xoxo

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

21 Dec

Happy Winter Solstice Lovelies,

It is official today is the first day of winter at least to for the Northern Hemisphere.


And low and behold I woke up to our first snow, it always boggles my mind how in Michigan the weather automatically changes to the season. I was wishing for a white Christmas this year, but to tell you the truth I don’t think the snow will be sticking around until then.

Whether it is finishing Christmas shopping, attending a holiday party I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Gloomy Gray

20 Dec

Happy Thursday Jewels,

One reason I love gloomy gray weather is because I can wear a lot of my favorite accessories such as scarfs, tights, boots, etc…




I had this sweater dress for many years and I love how simple it is because I can accessorize it differently giving it a new look, sometimes I wear it from front to back like I did here.

Cashmere Sweater Dress – bebe, Earrings – essentjewels here, Sunnies – Burberry, lips – Lancome (377N Midnight Rose) Polish – essie blue rhapsody here, scarf (old) – no name, Leather Cross-body Bag – Coach, bracelet – essentjewels here, Tights – J.Crew here, booties – Coach (last season)

Until next time,

Gifts For Him

19 Dec

There is still time to shop for that special someone, brother, etc… I put together some gifts for him that are not only nice but useful.


My husband has very similar cuff links and he loves them.

  1.  Paisley Silk Pocket Square
  2. Striped Kensington Hat
  3. Antique Rail Knot Cuff Links
  4. Cashmere Fingerless Gloves
  5. Men’s Buck-up Battery For Iphone



The New 2012 Fall

18 Dec

I love the new 2012 fall trend that I’ve seen all around !!  What do you think ? Take a peek?

The new fall (2)

The new fall5

The new fall 1

The new fall

The new fall 4

As always, Carolina xoxo

Polka Dots And Fur

17 Dec

A follow-up to our blog award!!

Thank you all for always making me smile, I love seeing your sweet post they always brighten my day. And big shout out to my sister for all she does for us and for being one of my best friends! xoxo

1. What are you good at?

I’m intuitive, I make great decisions based on my gut feeling, if someone tells you go with your gut feeling, trust them. I love-inspiring others, love leading a team, I’m excellent at planning and entertaining plus I’m a great cook and wife.

2. If you have traveled to the place you love, what one person will take with?

My honey-bun

3. What kind of people do you prefer? I love people who are energetic, love life, believe in God, love fashion, inspiring, silly people, people who don’t take life too serious, people who think age is an attitude. People who love to have fun, people who are positive who are focused and independent.

4. Your favorite food ?

Mediterranean food.

5. Your favorite animal?

Panda- they’re so cute and look so friendly, plus I have a cute story from my father when I was a child even though it has been 25 years ago, he always reminds me about the story, it puts a big smile on my face.

6. Book you like?

“From the Bureau to the Boardroom”. Love it, I can apply the management skills that the FBI use at work and daily life.

7. What do you think about negative people?

We need to help them, guide them, inspire them, show them the light. Perhaps they never had anyone in their life as a role model.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you like my dots! I love stripes too, but polka dots more!



Fur Cardigan: Alice and Olivia| Bottoms: Zara| Blouse: Ann Taylor| Hosiery: Nordstroms|Shoes: Charles David| Purse: Italy trip.




As always, Carolina xoxo

Lovely Blog Award

14 Dec


From desi99ner (pretty clever name) thank you very much!

1.What are you good at?

I am good at making friends. I could be in a room with complete strangers and before you know it  I will be talking to someone who a lot of time ends up being my friend. (Monica)

2. If you have traveled to the place you love , what one person will take with?

My husband and our dog Mocha. (Monica)

3.  What kind of people do you prefer?

I prefer people who are open, and unselfish, and put others before them self.  (Monica)

4. Your favorite food ?

Anything baked. (Monica)

5. Your favorite animal ?

Dog (Monica)

6. Book you like?

Lovely Bones (Monica)

7 .What do you think about negative people?

I feel sorry for them. (Monica)

my nominations (for her extraordinary style) (for inspiration for children outfits) (for  her bubbly personality that shines in her photos and style of writing) (for creativity and passion for  making handmade jewelry) (for taking me on a new daily adventure) (for her healthy recipes that all look delicious) (for her nutrition guide) (for updates on celebrities, fashion, and trends) (for her fun sense of fashion) (also for updates on celebrities, fashion, and trends) (for no matter how old you are you can still have style even though she is only in her 40’s) (Because we are both named Monica, are in our 30’s, love fashion, and finally because we are both Latin) (for having a lovely blog) (for collaborating a blog as my sister and I do) (for her nice and calm blog)


Monica (My sister will answer questions about herself shortly)

Gifts for Her

13 Dec

I put together some gifts for her which most of us consider essentials.


Candles, glosses, cute bags, jewels, a pretty belt, and something cute to pour your cream with I can’t think of anything lovelier.

  1. Refined Crystal – Bow Buckle Belt
  2. Infinity Earrings
  3. Quinn Feather Clutch
  4. Apilco Cow Creamer
  6. Bobbi Brown Lip Glosses




Plaid Pants

12 Dec

Hi Jewels,

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

As much as my sister loves polka-dots I love plaids. I have run around to hardware stores, and appliance stores with my husband since we bought our house and like any fashionista I have to make it a fashion statement.




Layering in Michigan is more necessary than it is a fashion statement, and although it hasn’t snowed it has been cold.

Jacket –Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag – Coach,  Lips – Bobbi Orange here, Chambray – Grand & Greene, Sweater – compliments from mom, Plaid Leggings – no name, Boots – Steve Madden here

Until next time,


Lemon Caper Shrimp Crostini

11 Dec

This is how our dinner is planned out, my husband is the one who goes to the grocery store only because I never look at deals, I bypass the sales and I go straight for what I’m craving. I don’t blame him, I literally spent on one occasion 200 dollars at Bristol Farmers just for two, you bet, I’m banned from the grocery store until I redeem myself. So where was I ? To make a long story short, my honey usually surprises me with various sea foods, so I’m forced to try to create a dish with whatever he brings home and this time it was shrimp. Who me, I’m not complaining. Can’t beat this record high beautiful weather in December and of course I wanted to celebrate with shrimp. Take a peek.

DSC_1141 DSC_1137 DSC_1134 Fresh herbs from my little garden. Thyme and Basil. DSC_1135 DSC_1139 DSC_1138 The recipe called for wine, I couldn’t resist.

Cheers Friends!!

As always, Carolina xoxo

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