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Weekend Treat

13 Aug

Happy Monday friends!

My weekend was a bit busy but at the same time relaxing, on Saturday my husband surprised me with a trip to the annual Summer Music Festival held on the main botanical garden of the Huntington Library.  The entire audience brought their lawn chairs, picnic baskets and their favorite wine to enjoy a night under the stars while listening to some classical music emanating from a live four piece French Orchestra. This was a great surprise date from my husband. By the way, my honey is the one who plans everything, my day job takes a lot of energy out of me and by the time I get home I just want to put my feet up and say tell me what time and what to wear and I’ll be there! The festival was truly a work of art, it was unheard of, I felt as if I was in a far far away land laying down as the stars twinkle.

A glimpse of our stunning surroundings

Woman singing French music

During intermission we had a sneak peek at their art collection.

And that’s all folks. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too.

As always, Carolina xoxo

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