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A Fairy Tale Come True

28 Aug

Hello Jewels,

As mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would be posting some pictures of the wedding I just attended.

From the minute the groom and bride walk in the music becomes extremely intense. The musicians chant away singing in their native language, including me who never has the slightest idea of what they are saying, but I do know this, part of the chanting includes her name, how can you not feel like a queen the day of your wedding.

One of the traditions is to dance around the cake.

And it all begins we all dance around the bride and groom while the musicians continue to chant the bride’s name along with a chorus in their native language. I literally never sit down, I woke up with blisters on my feet the next day. My husband seems to think I am more Lebanese then he is.

The Queen of the night getting ready to sit in her throne before dinner while everyone continues to dance around her and chant.

Rumor has it that she spent $20,000.00 on her dress.

The traditional dabke dance.

And the dancing around the couple continues.

I have to be frank, this is not the wedding that I preferred when given the choice by my husband. Our wedding was a very traditional American wedding, with hints of Mexican and Lebanese traditions, however I do enjoy attending these celebrations. I always enjoy myself, and the food is always out of the ordinary.

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