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A Secret Garden

16 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Hope you are all enjoying the week. As mentioned before that my husband and I celebrated my birthday in Stratford (Ontario Canada) (one day I will visit Stratford London God willing) and it was only essential that we watch a Shakespeare play which is what my husband gifted me with. As I am getting older I realize that memories are priceless which is why I rather have as many memorable memories for special occasions as possible over gifts. We watched Henry V and we weren’t disappointed. The acting was intense, the actors never forgot a line, the scenes, and costumes were amazing which were my favorite since I am a visual. After the play we ventured to the Shakespearean Garden, it was quite peaceful, and very secluded from the rest of the town.

And it just happened to be that I wore my Garden Party Blazer, (to tell you the truth it is not really a coincident I have been wearing a lot lately, it is super comfortable, fun, and makes me feel like an artist, as if it were something Vincent Van Gogh painted)!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Shakespearean Garden in Stratford (Ontario Canada).

Until next time,

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