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A Special Day

8 Aug

Hello Jewels!

I thought the message below was a bit cute since I can relate.

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Growing up, my sister always had the latest and best clothes.  I clearly remember she had a huge chest filled with all her favorite clothes, she hid the key from me because I would always find a way to sneak in her closet and borrow her clothes, not that she minded in the beginning, but I was one who never took care of my clothes, there’s a stain oh well! I ripped my blouse big deal! I lost my shirt next! Sadly I’m still the same way.

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What an honor.

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We both have winning attitudes!

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We love our fashion, hair and makeup!

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Happy Birthday to you sister!!! When I read this comment it made my eyes tear up because this is exactly how I feel.


Carolina xoxo!

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