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Guilty Pleasure

23 Mar

Hey jewels!

We want to know what’s your guilty pleasure? Mine is definitely America’s Funniest Home Videos. In college, it was the only decent thing on TV at 3am, and yes, I would laugh hysterically. Alone. In my dorm room. At 3am. I mean, really. If this doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.

A Refreshing Day

23 Mar

In honor of the beautiful 80 degree weather we had yesterday in L.A. I made a Citrus Cream Smoothie that my husband and I always look forward to. I have two words for you ” burst of flavor”,  great for a special weekend brunch. I also did not use sugar, but instead I used Splenda. It’s filling enough to be a breakfast meal replacement because of the protein in the yogurt. Not only is it full of flavor but this recipe tasted just like an original Orange Julius, which brings me back to my lovely childhood days.

I’ve been living in L.A for the past 9 years now and I absolutely love it!  One of the many reason is the abundance of cultures, great food, farmers markets and the fashion, even the weather is held at a higher standard so here’s a cheers to living in the melting pot!!  Enjoy!

Citrus Cream Smoothie Recipe

As always, Carolina xoxo

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