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27 Mar

Hey jewels!
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Diamond in the Rough

27 Mar

For those of you who would never step a foot in Detroit because of its reputation, I would hope that if you are ever in the area and craving some authentic Chinese food that you would make the effort to eat at Shangri-La. The locals like to keep this little jewel a secret and it has a reputation for Asians traveling across the state to eat there. Who can blame them! Nestled in the heart of midtown I guarantee you will forget that you are in a Chinese restaurant in Detroit (not that being in Detroit is a bad thing most of us just love the feeling of being away from the norm).

From the attentive staff, to the charming d├ęcor, and sizzling food served to you, Shangri-La will have you coming back for more as your craving for Chinese food will never be the same.

With 35 years of experience, Cholada, the owner, was born in Thailand to Chinese parents and was the first to open an Asian market in Detroit in 1976.

Get-up for the occasion: Professional ( I met up with some colleagues, so I did the best to play the part) J.CREW top, H&M pencil skirt, and Louise Vuitton Wilshire monogram bag.

Professional is not one of my favorite go-to looks, but I kept it feminine and  had the opportunity to wear these shiny jewels: Patent leather brown shoes by Coach and a new necklace from our up coming line.

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