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The Bachelor

13 Mar

Hi Jewels,
It’s Monica! Did The Bachelor catch any of you by surprised this season? First off, I had never watched the show before, but this season I watched it religiously. From the very beginning I was captivated by Courtney’s natural beauty and, unlike most of America, I was rooting for her! I remember feeling sorry for her because of the industry she was in; it was almost like she didn’t know any better. Her natural ability when it came to stabbing the other girls in the back and playing games was very believable and, like the rest of America ,I could not get enough! She played the game well and because of it she won her man in the end!

What I really appreciated the most about Courtney was her honesty. Whether it was her worst or her best, she kept it real. I could see why Ben chose her in the end. Her sincerity never sounded rehearsed and she was not afraid to put herself out there. She knew what she wanted and took the initiative to rehearse their wedding the week Ben met her parents. Talk about being bold! What kind of man would not want that? As the show gradually progressed and she shared her feelings about Ben she never sounded like she was thinking about what she wanted to say, which is what most of the other girls sounded like. She spoke from her heart and she was always authentic. Ben and Courtney’s tears at the final rose ceremony convinced me and I am not one who is easily convinced. I truly hope it works out for them in the end.

Tell us your thought about this past season on The Bachelor.

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