Birthday Weekend

31 Mar

Working long days can take a toll on one, so I decided to indulge and treat my self to Glen Ivy, a nice hide away from L.A. This place always makes me forget about my pending to do items. On my B-Day it ended up raining, but fortunately I had plan B. Although it would have been an unusual experience by getting pampered in the rain, I opted for plan B instead: the Huntington Library! My husband introduced me to this magical place years ago, and since then we have neglected it for some time until now. Visiting this lovely place has rekindled our love for mother nature and organic art. If my husband could reincarnate as a different person he sure would be a botanist. This place exudes tranquility. It’s a place where one could sit and take in the beauty of mother earth.

We can only imagine how it would feel having a salad garden.


Romaine Lettuce-


Arugula and Rosemary –

Japanese Maple tree

150 year old Bonsai

We ended our day with the quintessential London pastime “afternoon tea”. Let me stress that it is not just tea; it’s a well-appointed elegant extravaganza! Do as the British do, relax and cool down with exceptional teas, over the top surroundings and perhaps some yummy wine. Granted, we were only at the Huntington tea house but one could only imagine sitting with the abundance of tiny tart size bites served on many lovely china plates as we watch people enjoy their pomegranate green tea (which is my favorite) over leisurely conversations. There is something about bite size snacks. I don’t know whether it’s the attention and time that goes into these little bursts of flavor or the illusion that one is not going to over indulge. Either way, miniature treats make me uber excited!!

As always, Carolina xoxo!

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