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19 Mar

Looking for a versatile gift anyone can use? Look no further. While in Italy I saw a fair amount of leather colorful stationery stores, so when I stumbled across this jewel: Colori in San Marino, Ca I was immediately taken back to Italy. The price points are amazing and the quality is on point. You can find leather goods, pens, paper, laptop cases, and one of my favorites the neon cruciani bracelets. Let’s face it in Milan you will never see any woman wearing the same thing, well that’s not the case here. These Cruciani bracelets were a hit all over Italy. I had to jump on this trend, I bought a few for my nieces, okay and one for me. Take a peek.





Oh yes! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!!! For all my B-day wishes. I really appreciate all your warm comments:) I arrived home really late last night, but I had a wonderful day full of life, food, great company, and love.

I want to thank my sister for making my day. Sister, the post was amazing I couldn’t believe my eyes, I started shaking, heart beating fast then I started to tear up. I was so moved, you definitely struck a chord in me. I love you with all my heart, I’m so happy that I can call you my friend, but most important my sister. We are both beautiful in and out. Thank you!

As always,
Carolina xoxo


30 Mar

We can’t get enough of stripes these days! These are some favorites…

For your clothes.

For your home.

For your friends.

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