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Age Is An Attitude

25 Jul

Hi hunny’s!

If your anything like me, you always like to have fun, you don’t take things to serious, your silly, you act like a big kid free-spirited the list goes on. A few years back I realized there is no rule or policy that you have to act your age. I mean as long as you respect others, have self-respect,  have values, morals and have the best interest in people why do you have to act a certain way? At first I told myself, how can I ever have children if I’m a big kid myself? Then I realized it’s more of an excuse to be a big kid. Don’t get me wrong I’m very mature and people take me very seriously it’s all about the more you respect yourself the more others will respect you. At the end of the day it’s about making the best out of life!  So go have some fun now!  And cheers to that mi amigos!

Take a peek of my fun silly pictures below.


As always, Carolina xoxo

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