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Black And Polka Dots

16 Jul

Hi Friends!

I had a busy weekend, my honey was doing a DIY project that took all weekend to finish, and I ended up doing a little of everything, the usual house chores, shopping with my mother-in law, designing jewelry, cooking, preparing for work, oh! Did we tell you? We’re going to the Chicago jewelry trade show this up coming weekend, preparing for this took most of my time.¬† Friends, please wish us luck! Can’t wait to share some great stories and pictures. But I’m most excited about visiting my sister!!!!

I’m wearing fall pants, blame it on my sister, last Friday she posted about fall and I just cringed!! Thanks for the inspiration sis!!! I know! Summer just got here but can you blame me?? Take a peek.

Sunnies: Ray bans| Blouse: Pleione ( Nordstrom Rack)Pants:|Faux leather¬†Trouve leggings| Shoes: INC|Purse: New york W hotel boutique|Lipstick: Mac- Nikki Manage| Nail polish: essie- a crewed interest ( currently my fav) | Jewelry: essentjewels- I designed this past weekend, take a peek at my arm candy and earrings!! I’ll post a link once I upload them.

I see you making fun of alfalfa look.

As always, Carolina xoxo

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