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Maid Of Honor

30 Jul

Hi friends!

Happy Monday!

I believe I mentioned I’m the maid of honor for one of my amazing friends Vanessa Riconose! She is a wonderful beautiful person she’s ambitious, hard-working and intellectual. All I can remember about her growing up, by the way, we’ve known each-other 16 years!! Is  going from ballet practice to cheer leading practice to school. This woman was always on the go, I admire her so dearly not only because she is an amazing friend but because she is a well-rounded person who loves her faith, family and friends! She now is officially a marriage and family counselor Congratulations mi amiga!!  She and her Fiance Tamarr met at his Dance Studio in Santa Barbara, he’s a well-known Choreographer in SB, if your familiar with that area you know who ” Tamarr Paul ” is.  As I told her, the ingredients for a successful marriage: a whole lot of love, a dash of spice and lots of answers to “What’s for dinner? I wish them a happy and beautiful future together. Congratulations my friends!!
By the way I’m hosting her Bridal Shower at Andersen’s. It’s a Tea Party theme, I can’t wait to share some fun and exciting photos.

My lovely Best Friend Vanessa Riconose.

Nessa saying hi to my Kobe

Getting ready for dinner at Perch, we had a blast! Food was great! I recommend :  Truffle French Fries $11
fries tossed w/ truffle oil, shaved truffle cheese & herbed aioli
, Buffalo Frogs Legs $10
buttermilk marinated frogs legs tossed in our house made buffalo sauce w/ blue cheese sauce
,Perch Charcuterie $16
daily selection of three cured meats & accompaniments,
Sautéed Chilean Seabass $31
mashed potato & smoked mussel-black trumpet cream
, and MY FAVORITE!!! Caviar Salmon $29
lemon thyme risotto, caviar & chive maderia cream

The besties!

As always, Carolina xoxo

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