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We’re jonesing for…

18 Apr

…some new sunglasses! A couple of summers ago I was working at a marina, so I splurged on a quality pair of Oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses. Those babies were good to me and even made it back from the bottom of Little Traverse Bay. I think they have reached the end of their days, though. My dog jumped up to give me kisses and knocked them off, leaving them in more pieces than there should be. But that just means it’s time for new ones! I’m still a huge fan of Warby Parker because they’re so reasonably priced and totally cute. I’m also loving this sunglasses case.

What a spectacle!

22 Feb

For all you glasses-wearers out there: Good News!  Now you don’t have to be committed to the same frames day after day!  With companies like BonLook and Warby Parker, you can afford to change your eyewear to fit your style, no matter how often it may change!  Who knew being a four-eyes could be so cool?

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