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Salmon and Quinoa

19 Feb

Growing up once a year our parents’ would take us to our grandparents’ in Palm Dessert which was about 8 hours south from where we lived with our father driving extra cautious who loved and loves to drive and enjoy the scenery. All the grandchildren about 15 of us total used to go in grandma’s back yard climb up the trees run around like crazy kids while we enjoyed lemons from our grandma’s tree. Lemons are a big part of our family, actually I would like to assume in most Latin homes. At times we would have 3 in one sitting (gulp) bringing up my childhood has made me realize how much I love our blog and how it has brought my sister and I closer in many levels. Just wanted to say thank you for your warm comments and love. I’m compiling a few questions so you can have more of a connection of who I am. Some questions are silly, because I’m silly but some are serious. Stay tuned. Oh yes! This dish!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This has been on repeat in our home. I like to think it’s a collaboration between mine and my honey’s up bringing. My honey is South American, Quinoa was a staple in his family and I already mentioned the lemon story ha! It only takes me 30 min to make this flavorful, filling, healthy husband approved dish. I say it’s a yes!

You can find it here.





The Salmon is hiding.

As Always, Carolina xoxo

Exfoliating Facial

3 Apr

One of my favorite exfoliating facials is one you can make yourself at home.

The essentials:
I like to use organic honey, but it is not required.
Again, I prefer organic strawberries, but it is not necessary.

Make sure your face is washed and follow the steps here.

I also like to add the left-overs to banana organic yogurt from Trader Joe’s, this way my diet is also benefiting from it.

After using this for a week you will notice improvements in your skin’s quality.

Hope you give it a try,

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