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A Splash of Turquoise

7 Jun

Once upon a time a man and woman were married in a far off land (in Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County California) about three miles North of Solvang also in Santa Barbara County California. Los Olivos is known for its olives, wineries, tasting rooms, and Solvang known for its Danish Culture, windmills, antiques shops, and both known for its charm and if you are familiar with the movie “Sideways” you know which area I am talking about. I grew up in this lovely area in my mid-twenties and boy was it paradise. Some would say I have an old soul probably due to the fact the I grew up in this area where I developed my passion for wine and small town charm.

It has been five years since the couple married who now reside in Michigan where the husband is originally from which is why the wife followed. For their five-year anniversary they decided they needed to revoke their wedding day which is why they traveled to another far off land: Holland (Holland Michigan that is) known for its Dutch culture very similar to the Danish in my opinion (I am sure both cultures would argue otherwise).

The lovely town of Holland Michigan is also known for its antique shops, restaurants, tulip festival, and small town charm.

For the trip I decided I should wear one of our special necklaces. Why special, because it is one of the first I designed. I called it waterfall because it cascades like a waterfall, you can see for yourself here.

Along with the favorite necklace I had to wear one of my favorite cardigans by: J.Crew, why favorite because the color is similar to our signature color.

For the trip I wanted to be as comfortable as possible which is why I wore one of my most comfortable dresses by Soprano.

And here I am with my three best accessories, our dog Mocha, my monogram LV Wilshire bag, and my aviators by Ray-Ban. Is is just me or does LV transform your ensemble from casual to sophisticated? And in my opinion Mocha is not so shabby as an accessory herself.

Two-toned shoes: L.A.M.B., this brand of shoes always have an edge and the quality is great too, plus Gwen Stefani has to be one of the most stylist artist out there, she, her husband, and their children are hot hot hot (is it appropriate to say that about children)???

And what is that I see over there, a windmill, wait you mean to tell me that it still produces an essential for baking:flour!

Yes my friends, America’s only authentic working Dutch windmill (DeZwaan) imported from the Netherlands and restored on a beautiful windmill island with horses and an antique carousel. And I here I thought that windmills were only decorative as the ones I was used to in Solvang California.

The windmill’s blades are as high as a 12-story building, turn by the power of the wind which provides power for the millstones to grind grain into flour. Which for me was a terrific treat, as I have developed a passion for baking which started when I lived with my roommate before I got married. She and I would bake until the hours of the night with her family recipes, sipping on wine, and talking about life. Back to the flour I am so excited to use it for one of my recipes. I was told there are recipes in the bag, I am assuming Dutch recipes.

And there it is my friends, how the man and woman spent their five-year anniversary surrounded by windmills making it as close to their far off wedding venue as possible.

Until nest time my friends,

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