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Home Office in the Making

11 Feb

I’m finally feeling better and 100% fully recovered. I was sick for the past two weeks, the good news is I lost five pounds and was able to take on a few projects at home it took little longer than usual due to the side affects of not allowing me to stay up more than four hours. On the bright side I have been a little busy bee designing getting ready for another trunk show. I needed to buy a few office nick knacks to better organize all these trunk shows, vendors, receipts, taxes the list goes on. I also learned a new healthy flavor recipe that I’ll be sharing shortly.


colorful pencils you can find at Anrthropolgie


Clean chic organizers- Michaels


Magnet board for handy-dandy to-do list and paper goods Michaels


Colorful folders for truck shows, vendors etc… – see Jane work (love this site)


Handy dandy colored labels see Jane work


And while most desk are filled with paper ours is full of gems, pearls, stone, wire, tools on and on…

As always, Carolina xoxo

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