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DIY: Pretty Polish Remover Bottle

21 Feb

The thought of applying nail polish remover to my nails make me cringe every time. For one the smell is unbearable, two my husband gets on my case because of all the harsh chemicals, and three it doesn’t come in the prettiest bottles. The scented ones are somewhat better to handle, but I thought by putting in a prettier bottle it might excite me more to use this beauty essential.







I used Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels: all-purpose gel adhesive and iridescent glitter in cotton-candy.

Note: I made sure to add a label to prevent any accidents.

Until next time,

Luscious Lemon Bars

5 Jun

Good morning Jewels,

With summer around the corner I thought it would be perfect to bake lemon bars as they are zesty, and sweet. Which is the next best thing to a fresh glass of lemonade.

The lemon filling. I love the light pale yellow color and (I wonder if I could pull off pale yellow polish) the intensity of the aroma of the lemon was so fresh you would have thought I had just finished cleaning my kitchen.

I consider it essential to have lemon bars with a cup of tea if you are eating them in the morning. My favorite brand of tea is: Mighty Leaf. I have tried many brands, including loose tea, but this one is my favorite. I especially love Organic Earl Grey, all their teas are organic, oh but this is not your typical Earl Grey, there is a twist of bergamot fruit added to it, and in my opinion it would make Earl Grey himself proud. The scent of the tea bag is so romantic I wish there were a perfume that smelled exactly like it because I would wear it in a heartbeat.

I occasionally use my tea bags as bookmarks, oh but never: Mighty Leaf, it would be sinful. The tea bags are cello-wrapped biodegradable pouches making it known you are in for a treat. I turned my formal manager into it, who happens to be a tea connoisseur with her collection including tea from Cambridge. She used the same bag several times and raved about the taste and aroma.

Back to these luscious treats which will have you craving them all spring/summer long. I put them in my freezer because my intention was to have them for a later occasion, that didn’t last too long. My husband took them out the next day and we both ate them throughout the day.

The essential ingredients and recipe you can find here.

Until next time my friends,

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