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Guest Post: Glad2bawoman – Geometric Jewels

13 Mar

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Geometric Jewelry!

The look is stylish, and edgy – jewellery that relies on geometric shapes looks urban chic when styled on the neck, ears or even fingers and arms of a fashionista. Why? Well the answer is simple – it makes you look even more feminine, given that the angular bling compliments the soft lines of a feminine neck – or arm and the delicate rounded tips of the ears.

Wear a necklace with triangles – the look says smart and flares out attractively against the neck. This is a fabulous trend this year simply because geometric jewellery cannot go wrong where the fashion factor is concerned. Wear a pair of square earrings instead of the usual hoops or small square danglers. Geometric earrings are a perfect way to accessories a monochrome outfit. Silver triangles on the ears also look stylish and playful for an evening out. Experiment with many triangles linked together instead of just one.

If you are daring, and love loud colours then go for a geometric necklaces in bright colours – either in one colour or multi-coloured. Either way, they are a great way to jazz up a boring outfit. Earrings with geometric designs, colourful geometric pattern on plain round studs, geometric shaped wire bracelets the list goes on.

Geometric jewellery in neon shades is another hot favourite with necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings – wear a bright yellow neon necklace with triangles with a hot pink top and blue pants – you will look like a flower – but make sure you can carry off the look because that combination is not for everyone!

Geometric shaped rings also look great – you can get them in metal shades or textured. Wooden is another great choice for earrings and quirky assembled necklaces or stacked bracelets. Browse the internet for some fabulous designs for geometric jewellery.

However, be warned that you might have a problem accessorizing your geometric jewellery with your outfits because they are a little difficult to pair with traditional clothes, Indian-wear, or something with too much fluff and flounce. If you are someone who wears mostly monochromes or sober colours, this jewellery is a fun way to brighten up your outfit

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