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Guest Post: Glad2bawoman

10 Jan

Bringing on the drama!

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Dangling earrings is the hottest trend ! Nothing personifies drama and chic as much as the danglers. Attention-grabbing and incredibly sexy, one is almost always split for choice while heading out to look for them, and there are different kinds of danglers for almost every occasion, and for every kind of attire. From the diamond and gold ones, which really bring on the bling, one can also opt for metal danglers, gold-plated danglers, beaded ones, wooden ones etc…
Danglers have made quite a fashion statement, and they’re all over the run-way and just off it as well. Every other fashionable lady seems to be taking to danglers, and how! From the more chic, sophisticated danglers, to the fun, funky, and crazy ones, they have grabbed attention, and they are here to stay. Dangling earrings are turning out to be such statement pieces that it’s advisable to go easy on other kinds of jewellery when wearing them. A little-black dress may seem like the safe way out for most people, but gold dangling chain earrings are really all that one needs to make sure that the oomph factor comes across, no matter what.
Cocktail rings too are very much in vogue, and again, the versatility of these rings is amazing! No girl would say no to a big rock on her finger, especially when the rock in question is a huge diamond, but cocktail rings need not be insanely expensive to look sophisticated and unique. From dinner dresses, to a cardigan, they will go with almost everything, and they will manage to glam up almost everything. Since it is so prominent in itself, it is advisable to not wear other rings or bracelets along with it, because it can get cluttered and distracting. Cocktail rings need very little to support their impact. They’re hot, and they’re really, really trendy!
Cat eyes sunglasses! This is another new trend which has hit the fashion circles, and it looks like this new year is not about being subtle at all! What it’s really about is making sure that the drama and the impact is retained, and that understated is an overused word! The cat-eye glasses will stand out immediately, because they give off an incredibly feminine, yet powerful, playful vibe. They’re really dramatic, and they’re very unapologetic about it. A lot of the fashionable celebrities have been spotted sporting these sexy new shades, and in funky colours too! Some have gone so far as to mix another hot trend, neon, with the cat-eye glasses!
This year, it’s all about getting noticed, being dramatic and expressing yourself in every way possible. Demure, understated and subtle are old words.

Guest Post: glad2bawoman

Photos: Via Google

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Botanical Bling Trunk Show

3 Dec

Hello Jewels!!

We had a very over the top successful weekend! We had the opportunity this weekend to feature our jewelery at the Descanso Gardens Annual Winter Botanical Bling. A handful of pre-selected artists displayed their jewlery to the Descanso Garden VIP members on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Boddy House, a 22 room estate at the Gardens previously owned by the late Los Angeles newspaper magnate Manchester Boddy. Wow! This event also featured a well known LA fashion stylist who happened to give his advice on the do’s and don’t’s of wearing and layering handcrafted jewlery to fit your character and to give you some pop. It was super fun and exciting to be surrounded by like minded people, exquisite food and champagne. My honey and I celebrated essentjewels success at Katsuya. Take a Peek!

BB1 (8)

BB1 (1)

BB1 (3)

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BB1 (4)

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Showing off some of our bling! 🙂


One of my favorite drinks. Lychee Sake.


The beautiful background.

Thank you for all your support!

P.S A big hug and kiss to my amazing honey who helped me this entire weekend, I couldn’t do it with out him.

As always, Carolina xoxo.

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