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Spanish Paella

8 Jan

As mentioned in an earlier post here that I lived in Spain for about 6 months and fell in love with the city, the people, but mostly the food! Why is food the center of attention? I lived with one of my best friends and a born and raised beautiful Spanish girl. Lucky for me I learned how to make Paella Spain’s main dish, a dish they are well-known for. One of the many reasons I enjoy making this dish a side from it being super yummy is I get to utilize saffron, this spice is very delicate and precious, it can cost you a pretty penny, but you can get it for a steal at Trader Joe’s one of my favorite stores. I love the detail intricacy that goes in picking saffron. To produce one kilogram of saffron, it
is necessary to pick 150,000 crocuses ( flowers ).

You can find the recipe here






As always, Carolina Xoxo

Thursday Treat

3 Jan

Happy Thursday Jewels,

I love cake, especially moist spongy chocolate cake, which is why I had to try this recipe here.






This recipe is completely from scratch and it calls for pouring the frosting on the cake while the frosting is still warm which melted and oozed on the cake.  I can’t think of anything more tempting.

Hope you give it a try,

Home Sweet Home

30 Nov

TGIF Jewels,

Source: chezlarsson.com via Donya on Pinterest

As of today my husband and I will be moving into our new home. After searching an entire year we finally found what we were looking for. We went from renting a 3000 square foot home four years of our marriage to renting a one bedroom apartment this last year. For one I am really glad that we rented a house before we purchased one because it gave us the opportunity to experience what we did not want from a house. The house we were in before was too big, and consumed a lot of our time maintaining it, and we decided we did not want to live our lives like that, and a one bedroom apartment was extremely small, however we managed.

We settled for a contemporary 1700 square foot house by the lake and these are a few things I am looking forward to sharing with you.

Source: bbcgoodfood.com via Sam on Pinterest

My passion for baking.

Getting the courage to dive into DIY projects.

And photos by the lake.

You can only wonder what I have ahead of me this weekend. Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it includes doing less work then I will be doing.

Until next time,

Bringing the outside in

20 Feb

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Essentjewels loves to use natural resources to accent an outfit and we love doing the same in our homes!  These wood and wicker accents are so earthy chic.