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Guest Post: Glad2bawoman

10 Jan

Bringing on the drama!

PicMonkey Collage

Dangling earrings is the hottest trend ! Nothing personifies drama and chic as much as the danglers. Attention-grabbing and incredibly sexy, one is almost always split for choice while heading out to look for them, and there are different kinds of danglers for almost every occasion, and for every kind of attire. From the diamond and gold ones, which really bring on the bling, one can also opt for metal danglers, gold-plated danglers, beaded ones, wooden ones etc…
Danglers have made quite a fashion statement, and they’re all over the run-way and just off it as well. Every other fashionable lady seems to be taking to danglers, and how! From the more chic, sophisticated danglers, to the fun, funky, and crazy ones, they have grabbed attention, and they are here to stay. Dangling earrings are turning out to be such statement pieces that it’s advisable to go easy on other kinds of jewellery when wearing them. A little-black dress may seem like the safe way out for most people, but gold dangling chain earrings are really all that one needs to make sure that the oomph factor comes across, no matter what.
Cocktail rings too are very much in vogue, and again, the versatility of these rings is amazing! No girl would say no to a big rock on her finger, especially when the rock in question is a huge diamond, but cocktail rings need not be insanely expensive to look sophisticated and unique. From dinner dresses, to a cardigan, they will go with almost everything, and they will manage to glam up almost everything. Since it is so prominent in itself, it is advisable to not wear other rings or bracelets along with it, because it can get cluttered and distracting. Cocktail rings need very little to support their impact. They’re hot, and they’re really, really trendy!
Cat eyes sunglasses! This is another new trend which has hit the fashion circles, and it looks like this new year is not about being subtle at all! What it’s really about is making sure that the drama and the impact is retained, and that understated is an overused word! The cat-eye glasses will stand out immediately, because they give off an incredibly feminine, yet powerful, playful vibe. They’re really dramatic, and they’re very unapologetic about it. A lot of the fashionable celebrities have been spotted sporting these sexy new shades, and in funky colours too! Some have gone so far as to mix another hot trend, neon, with the cat-eye glasses!
This year, it’s all about getting noticed, being dramatic and expressing yourself in every way possible. Demure, understated and subtle are old words.

Guest Post: glad2bawoman

Photos: Via Google

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2 Jan

Happy New Year Jewels,

I hope you all enjoyed some time off and are all excited about the New Year!

According to Pantone emerald is the color for 2013.





Via Pinterest

I happen to love this jewel tone and I am on the look out for an essential item to add to my wardrobe.

What do you think of the color?

Until next time,


Gloomy Gray

20 Dec

Happy Thursday Jewels,

One reason I love gloomy gray weather is because I can wear a lot of my favorite accessories such as scarfs, tights, boots, etc…




I had this sweater dress for many years and I love how simple it is because I can accessorize it differently giving it a new look, sometimes I wear it from front to back like I did here.

Cashmere Sweater Dress – bebe, Earrings – essentjewels here, Sunnies – Burberry, lips – Lancome (377N Midnight Rose) Polish – essie blue rhapsody here, scarf (old) – no name, Leather Cross-body Bag – Coach, bracelet – essentjewels here, Tights – J.Crew here, booties – Coach (last season)

Until next time,

Lovely Blog Award

14 Dec


From desi99ner (pretty clever name) thank you very much!

1.What are you good at?

I am good at making friends. I could be in a room with complete strangers and before you know it  I will be talking to someone who a lot of time ends up being my friend. (Monica)

2. If you have traveled to the place you love , what one person will take with?

My husband and our dog Mocha. (Monica)

3.  What kind of people do you prefer?

I prefer people who are open, and unselfish, and put others before them self.  (Monica)

4. Your favorite food ?

Anything baked. (Monica)

5. Your favorite animal ?

Dog (Monica)

6. Book you like?

Lovely Bones (Monica)

7 .What do you think about negative people?

I feel sorry for them. (Monica)

my nominations

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http://fiammisday.com/ (for inspiration for children outfits)

http://biscuitsandnavy.wordpress.com/ (for  her bubbly personality that shines in her photos and style of writing)

http://junebugjewelrydesigns.com/ (for creativity and passion for  making handmade jewelry)

http://blog.mitziemee.com/ (for taking me on a new daily adventure)

http://thehealthyflavor.com/ (for her healthy recipes that all look delicious)

http://sparkleypinklemons.wordpress.com/ (for her nutrition guide)

http://thefashiontag.wordpress.com/ (for updates on celebrities, fashion, and trends)

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http://astimegoesbuy.me/ (for no matter how old you are you can still have style even though she is only in her 40’s)

http://thirtysomethingchic.wordpress.com/ (Because we are both named Monica, are in our 30’s, love fashion, and finally because we are both Latin)

http://jentendesigns.net/ (for having a lovely blog)

http://whenjmetk.com/ (for collaborating a blog as my sister and I do)

http://niceandcalm.wordpress.com/ (for her nice and calm blog)


Monica (My sister will answer questions about herself shortly)

Plaid Pants

12 Dec

Hi Jewels,

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

As much as my sister loves polka-dots I love plaids. I have run around to hardware stores, and appliance stores with my husband since we bought our house and like any fashionista I have to make it a fashion statement.




Layering in Michigan is more necessary than it is a fashion statement, and although it hasn’t snowed it has been cold.

Jacket –Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag – Coach,  Lips – Bobbi Orange here, Chambray – Grand & Greene, Sweater – compliments from mom, Plaid Leggings – no name, Boots – Steve Madden here

Until next time,


Essential: Tailored Suit

5 Dec

Happy Hump Day Lovelies,

We all should own one, you know the one that makes you feel like you landed the job. Whether slacks or a skirt suit, we all need one. The rule is which ever is the most flattering to your body type, which is why I chose the skirt.  Skirts and dresses are always more flattering on me because I am very narrow, and being narrow gives the illusion of longer legs, as do nude heels or leopard as both are very neutral.

I have worn my suit to interviews, training conferences, and through out the blog,  only I combine it with different garments.

DSC05061Navy Blue Blazer – Banana Republic you can find here, Navy Skirt – Banana Republic you can find here,  Lips – Bobbi Brown Orange  here, Striped Blouse – compliments from mom, Bag – Wilshire Monogram Louis Vuitton here, Leopard Pumps – Banana Republic here


PicMonkey Collage




This is when you know that you invested well when essentials in your wardrobe become staples.

Until next time,

Winter Essentials

29 Nov

Hello Jewels,

It is that time of the year to add a couple of winter essentials or put them back to use, in my case it is both, I added a couple and already had some in my wardrobe.

Black leather boots, whether knee-high, mid length, or booties: Rebeca Sanver

A new polish (this color looks great with gray): essie blue rhapsody

Metallic sweater: Rock & Republic you can find here.

Studded belt old: J.Crew

And it is essential for my dog Mocha to have new seasonal outfit as well.

Hope you all enjoy your day, and that you have started incorporating your winter essentials into your wardrobe.

Until next time,

Country Chic

28 Nov

Hello Jewels,

Yes, I go country more of a preppy country, blame it on our roots. We grew up surrounded by ranches, in fact my husband and I married about five minutes away from Neverland Ranch, and Ronald Reagan’s ranch (Rancho del Cielo) which is why it was essential growing up in our area to own a pair of authentic cowboy boots.

I have had these gems for several years and they get better with time. I wear them through out the fall, with leggings, skinnies, skirts, and dresses.

I better watch it before Mocha my dog steals my thunder she is much more of a natural at modeling her little outfits.

Chambray – grand & greene, French Hen Sweater – J.Crew, Lips – Bobby Brown Orange, Wool Skirt – J.Crew, Bag – Coach, Cowboy Boots – Vintage

Until next time friends,

Guest Post: Glad2bawoman

21 Nov

Big is in – Chunky jewellery is a rage!


Earlier women advocated the dainty look. Tiny and delicate rings, elegant pendants, studs for the ears or teardrop earrings – nothing too loud or flashy. Fashion was all about being understated. This concept has undergone a massive overhaul – women like to be noticed and how!
Neon shades of yellow, pink, purple and orange have replaced the sober pastels of yore, brightly coloured ballerina flats or chunky platform heels and wedges with large flower embellishments have replaced the dainty kitten heeled sandals and large statement rings; cocktails rings, huge danglers and big pendants have overshadowed the dainty jewellery so favoured by women a few years ago.
Oversized jewellery with abstract designs and bright colours are not only being worn by the young women of today, this trend has caught the fancy of older women as well. The style is hippy and fun and looks very good if it is paired with the right ensemble. They add a fun visual element to all outfits and can be paired effortlessly with all kinds of outfits – even formal wear if you are careful about how you go about it.
Such jewellery is easily available and suits all budgets as they are sold everywhere – from high end showrooms to small shops. In fact, the major pro of this style is that it is available. Young women like picking up chunky bracelets, bangles, pendants and earrings to wear with a plain white tee and jeans outfit or A-line tunics and leggings at roadside flea markets without a thought. A note of caution though, like all styles, this one has its own dos and don’ts.
“If you pair a chunky bracelet or earrings with clothing that also has many colours and designs then it doesn’t work – the ensemble just looks confused,” says pretty young thing Mishka, sporting a large owl pendant worn over a pastel tee-shirt. Also, don’t overdo it – wear one chunky piece at a time. If you team a chunky bracelet with over sized earrings and a large pendant, chances are that you will end up looking like a veritable fashion disaster.

So go ahead, add some panache to your outfit!


Guest article from: http://www.glad2bawoman.com

Also visit their site for a recent article authored by essentjewels here.

Rain boots

15 Nov

Hello Friends!

A few days ago it began to rain here in L.A. and I was so excited because that meant I can wear my rain boots. In the past I had trouble figuring out what to wear them with until I came up with these few tips. Hopefully I inspire you. Take a peek!

Skinny Jeans

Just like the little black dress in every girls closet, skinny jeans are a must too! I like to pair my boots with skinnies, a over-sized sweater, tunic or a billowy blouse depending how cold it is. A light jean jacket a scarf and Viola!

Skirts & Dresses

Yes I know, imagining wearing rain boots and fun dresses may not be on the top of your but if balanced correctly can be a match made in heaven. The key is to balance the two extremes polished and relaxed and not to much of one.


When having a casual piece I immediately gravitate toward more of a sophisticated feel with a collard shirt, simple dainty accessories, avoiding patterns or keeping the color palette in neutral colors


Let’s face it! We all love leggings because they scream cozy! Not to mention I love how I can hide five pounds or so. To complete the look, pair with a collard long sleeve, over-sized cardigan and scarf.

Or take a peek at photos I picked for some inspiration.


These are my next victim!!

As always, Carolina xoxo

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