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Lovely Blog Award

14 Dec


From desi99ner (pretty clever name) thank you very much!

1.What are you good at?

I am good at making friends. I could be in a room with complete strangers and before you know it  I will be talking to someone who a lot of time ends up being my friend. (Monica)

2. If you have traveled to the place you love , what one person will take with?

My husband and our dog Mocha. (Monica)

3.  What kind of people do you prefer?

I prefer people who are open, and unselfish, and put others before them self.  (Monica)

4. Your favorite food ?

Anything baked. (Monica)

5. Your favorite animal ?

Dog (Monica)

6. Book you like?

Lovely Bones (Monica)

7 .What do you think about negative people?

I feel sorry for them. (Monica)

my nominations

http://cravingforbarneys.com/ (for her extraordinary style)

http://fiammisday.com/ (for inspiration for children outfits)

http://biscuitsandnavy.wordpress.com/ (for  her bubbly personality that shines in her photos and style of writing)

http://junebugjewelrydesigns.com/ (for creativity and passion for  making handmade jewelry)

http://blog.mitziemee.com/ (for taking me on a new daily adventure)

http://thehealthyflavor.com/ (for her healthy recipes that all look delicious)

http://sparkleypinklemons.wordpress.com/ (for her nutrition guide)

http://thefashiontag.wordpress.com/ (for updates on celebrities, fashion, and trends)

http://fashionforlunch.wordpress.com/ (for her fun sense of fashion)

http://colourvibes.wordpress.com/ (also for updates on celebrities, fashion, and trends)

http://astimegoesbuy.me/ (for no matter how old you are you can still have style even though she is only in her 40’s)

http://thirtysomethingchic.wordpress.com/ (Because we are both named Monica, are in our 30’s, love fashion, and finally because we are both Latin)

http://jentendesigns.net/ (for having a lovely blog)

http://whenjmetk.com/ (for collaborating a blog as my sister and I do)

http://niceandcalm.wordpress.com/ (for her nice and calm blog)


Monica (My sister will answer questions about herself shortly)

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