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Have a Beautiful Weekend

1 Mar

There is no denying that Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful at the Oscars this past weekend, and what about her happy mistake, (when she tripped) which only provided the perfect angle of the back of her dress, but as a jewelry designer the one thing that caught my eye the most from the event was the draped back necklace she wore. I wore more of a casual style here last year.


Brides-to-be and seniors getting ready for prom should take a note of it, as it adds an elegant up-date to the traditional way of wearing a necklace.

What are you plans for the week? I have a busy one ahead, tonight I am going to an art exhibit at the Detroit Artist Market (DAM) which is one of my favorite things to do. I will also be taking a jewelry class tomorrow and attending a gem fair, and my sister will be busy at her event.

On another note, I am still going strong on giving-up shopping for lent which I am hoping will transition into a new year resolution for the remaining of year. Mind you it will not mean that I won’t shop, but it will be controlled for sure. If you been following us you know by now that I am bachelor addict and I was not surprised to see Ashlee go. She strikes me as a downer, and if I got that vibe from her, I am sure as heck that so did Sean. We are also finally at the point where I start to enjoy American Idol, so you if you follow you may be reading about me rambling about it, and this is an interesting group. I also think that the producers have an agenda behind it. I believe the reason they brought not one diva, but two divas as judges this season is so that they don’t let a diva get away from winning this year, what do you all think?

Hope you all have great plans for the weekend and that it is a beautiful one!


DIY: Leopard Fur Collar

28 Feb

I sell our jewelry at local vintage events which means I am constantly finding little gems myself, like this genuine leopard fur collar and cashmere cardigan. I figured it would be a perfect DIY project. I used sew-on snaps to attach the collar to the cardigan.






And now I have a classic cashmere leopard fur collar cardigan. The best part is by adding sew-on snaps to the leopard collar it can be easily snapped off and snapped to other garments.

Essentials: sew-on snaps, needle, and string, all purchased at Joann Fabrics.

Happy Weekend

22 Feb

While I don’t have much plans for the weekend which usually consists of a jewelry event I am looking forward to the Oscars as I am sure many of us are.

Oscar night and Valentine’s Day are a couple of the exciting events in February which always seems to fly by as it is such a short month.

Here are a couple of things that got me through this week:

All the posts from NY and London Fashion week, although I must say Kate Spade‘s fall 2013 collection was probably the brightest I have seen so far. This look can be achieved by adding splashes of color to the classic polka-dots or stripes which I am sure most of us have in our closets. I can’t wait to try it come this spring!

Was anyone else shocked about Desiree not getting a rose from the Sean the Bachelor? That was one sad departure from the two at the end. I was hoping her brother was in on another prank, for one he looked nothing like her family or looked liked he belonged to the family. I am guessing he is the black sheep. On another note, does anyone else think that Ashlee is too needy?

I’m still going strong on my not shopping challenge from my small group. Actually it was only for a week, but since I was raised catholic I have now gave it up for lent.

Not shopping does not mean I can’t browse the web for inspiration, and I have my eyes set on these shoes!

And while browsing the web I came across s the cutest simplest appetizers for Oscar night here that anyone can try, and would make anyone smile.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Ready for Spring

15 Feb

Who is as ready for spring as I am? While I know emerald is the color for 2013 and black and white will be big this spring, it is always the pretty pastels that get me in spring mode and set the mood for the rest of the year.


While I patiently wait for spring these are a couple of things that got me through the week.

Reading my bff’s new blog: biteintonutrition hope you join her in on her journey while she dishes in about healthy life style choices, and recipes full of flavor with the essentials of all things nutrition.

My small group from church where we discussed challenges we meet on a day-to-day basis. I shared that I am addicted to shopping, and my challenge was to not shop and instead strive to be more generous (so far so good).

The Bachelor yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures, it has been said by producers that this show is one of the most realistic out of any of the reality shows. I was very happy to see Tierra go, she is as immature as they come, and talk about drama queen!

A Valentine lunch with my hubby at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, MI known for countless awards, and been featured in both Esquire Magazine, and on Oprah Winfrey, it definitely lived up to its recognition(s).

And browsing the web for new spring recipes. I love any salad that calls for mint, I will definitely have to try this one.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Have a Spectacular Weekend

8 Feb

TGIF Jewels,

I woke up to a blizzard this morning, and while I was planning on going shopping for the hubby for Valentine’s Day I may have to shop on-line while there is still time.


Here are a couple of things I found for him, and for myself while browsing the web.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles – Wait! These aren’t your ordinary truffles they are adorned with Mexican “Day of the Dead” skulls, skulls are everywhere these days, but the best part is the ingredients which include Mexican hot spices such as cayenne and cinnamon, how tempting is that!

Men’s five-star terry robe – Made of 100% Turkish Cotton talk about luxurious comfort!

YSL 2013 Spring Collection Make-up – With names that include precious stones such as jade and bronze pyrite!

Colorblock Socks – Sometimes something as simple as pretty socks can brighten your day.

A new tie for a change – Get him to break away from the same boring ties week after week.

Hope you consider some of these suggestions and that you all have a spectacular weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget about our give-away here!


Until next time,

Longing For

25 Jan

TGIF Jewels,

About this time of the year I long for a nice vacation to get away from the cold gray weather just as long as it’s warm enough that I can lie around in a hammock and soak in the sun which I am in much need of.


Photo: Via Pinterest

Where are your favorite spots to vacation or where would you vacation if giving the opportunity?

Here are my top five:


Costa Rica

Tulum Mexico

The islands of Greece

St. Barth

Have a fabulous weekends Jewels,


Starting Off the New Year on the Right Foot

18 Jan

Happy Friday,

I am not going to ramble about a list we have put together for goals, New Year resolutions etc., but I will tell you one thing we are starting off on the right foot.


Photo: Via Pinterest

I am volunteering at the Detroit Artist Market (DAM) tonight for a fashion show for local artist they put together yearly which gives me the opportunity to network with other artist, plus I am giving back to the community and having fun doing it. We have our first event this year tomorrow: Putting on the Glitz in Royal Oak, MI. I am also scheduled to learn a new jewelry technique in March. And as my sister mentioned that we are super excited about our upcoming event in March in L.A. Arboretum, in which she has also been learning new techniques for.

Now for the personal I made my first appointment for a microdermabrasion treatment, and I am thinking of whitening my teeth too.

Unfortunately I did ramble, but hopefully with our right foot forward the year will continue to be productive. Hope you are all starting off the New Year on the right foot as well.

Have a lovely weekend Beautiful Jewels,

Girl Time

11 Jan

Happy Friday!

The weather in the MI is going to be in the mid 50’s this weekend which is warm for this time of the year, and I am celebrating by spending some girl time with the BFF. Making time for girl time is like therapy for me, we always have tons to talk about, we enjoy the same restaurants such as the Panache in Plymouth, MI  known for stylish ambiance and committed to using local ingredients.  One reason I enjoyed watching Sex and the City was because of the friendships, (besides the fashion of course). These women made it a priority to make time for each other regardless of how busy their lives were, and to me that is priceless.  Not only am I looking forward to spending time with the BFF I am also looking forward to the Golden Globes like most of us are which I also consider therapeutic.


What are some things you consider therapeutic,I would love to know?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,

Guest Post: Glad2bawoman

10 Jan

Bringing on the drama!

PicMonkey Collage

Dangling earrings is the hottest trend ! Nothing personifies drama and chic as much as the danglers. Attention-grabbing and incredibly sexy, one is almost always split for choice while heading out to look for them, and there are different kinds of danglers for almost every occasion, and for every kind of attire. From the diamond and gold ones, which really bring on the bling, one can also opt for metal danglers, gold-plated danglers, beaded ones, wooden ones etc…
Danglers have made quite a fashion statement, and they’re all over the run-way and just off it as well. Every other fashionable lady seems to be taking to danglers, and how! From the more chic, sophisticated danglers, to the fun, funky, and crazy ones, they have grabbed attention, and they are here to stay. Dangling earrings are turning out to be such statement pieces that it’s advisable to go easy on other kinds of jewellery when wearing them. A little-black dress may seem like the safe way out for most people, but gold dangling chain earrings are really all that one needs to make sure that the oomph factor comes across, no matter what.
Cocktail rings too are very much in vogue, and again, the versatility of these rings is amazing! No girl would say no to a big rock on her finger, especially when the rock in question is a huge diamond, but cocktail rings need not be insanely expensive to look sophisticated and unique. From dinner dresses, to a cardigan, they will go with almost everything, and they will manage to glam up almost everything. Since it is so prominent in itself, it is advisable to not wear other rings or bracelets along with it, because it can get cluttered and distracting. Cocktail rings need very little to support their impact. They’re hot, and they’re really, really trendy!
Cat eyes sunglasses! This is another new trend which has hit the fashion circles, and it looks like this new year is not about being subtle at all! What it’s really about is making sure that the drama and the impact is retained, and that understated is an overused word! The cat-eye glasses will stand out immediately, because they give off an incredibly feminine, yet powerful, playful vibe. They’re really dramatic, and they’re very unapologetic about it. A lot of the fashionable celebrities have been spotted sporting these sexy new shades, and in funky colours too! Some have gone so far as to mix another hot trend, neon, with the cat-eye glasses!
This year, it’s all about getting noticed, being dramatic and expressing yourself in every way possible. Demure, understated and subtle are old words.

Guest Post: glad2bawoman

Photos: Via Google

Read about what we had to say about Layering it up here.

Also don’t forget to visit our etsy shop for our dangling earrings.

Thankful for Two Thousand Twelve

4 Jan

TJIF Jewels,

Two Thousand Twelve came and went, and we have a lot to be thankful for both professional, and personal. Our first tradeshow in Chicago was a success; Carolina celebrated her fifth anniversary in Italy, my husband and I bought our first home, we had several events before the holidays with booming results, we received a couple of awards for our blog, and have wonderful memories to look back to.

dsc037421-e1343141908522 (1)
Chicago Tradeshow

Celebrating a fifth anniversary in one of the most beautiful places.

Our display for a Christmas event.

A breathtaking sunset.

One of the several awards we received this past year.

Thank you for being part of our journey this past 2012 and we are looking  forward to 2013 and sharing it with all of you! We couldn’t have asked for a better year.

With love,
Monica and Carolina with essentjewels

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