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A Magnificent Night and My Blue Suede Shoes

3 Sep

Happy Labor Day Lovelies,

I recently had the opportunity to see the Gipsy Kings in concert at the Fox Theater in Down Town Detroit known as the crown jewel. The night was full of passion and suave-ness. Take a peek.

The Gipsy Kings are extremely vivacious considering that they have been around for sometime. I would see them again in a heartbeat if giving the opportunity. They had me dancing off my feet along with the rest of the crowd. The audience consisted of beautiful people wearing their Sunday’s best which is why I decided to wear my blue suede shoes, they are more of a navy blue why I specially like them.

Blue Suede Shoes: DVF similar in black and other colors here. DVF has recently become one of my favorite brands, it’s edgy, feminine, and designed with exceptional quality which is exactly what I look for in shoes and clothes. With the shoes it was essential to color block to make them stand out similar here.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my magnificent night and my blues suede shoes.

Until next time,

An Escape

29 Aug


This weekend I went to visit my family, talk about a bitter-sweet situation.  Bitter because I’m leaving my little Kobe with my parents for 3 weeks!!! Sweet because… wait, wait, wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My honey’s taking me to ITALY for our anniversary!!  This entire time I thought we were going to Hawaii or Bora Bora.  And if you’ve been following me you know I definitely need a little vacation. My little Sophie will be staying with my honey’s parents, if you haven’t met them, you can meet them here.

What I’m looking forward to.


Almafi Coast

The local ingredients.
I’ll be leaving today and I’ll be back 9/14. If you have any suggestions please share them. Thank you!
As always, Carolina xoxo


A Fairy Tale Come True

28 Aug

Hello Jewels,

As mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would be posting some pictures of the wedding I just attended.

From the minute the groom and bride walk in the music becomes extremely intense. The musicians chant away singing in their native language, including me who never has the slightest idea of what they are saying, but I do know this, part of the chanting includes her name, how can you not feel like a queen the day of your wedding.

One of the traditions is to dance around the cake.

And it all begins we all dance around the bride and groom while the musicians continue to chant the bride’s name along with a chorus in their native language. I literally never sit down, I woke up with blisters on my feet the next day. My husband seems to think I am more Lebanese then he is.

The Queen of the night getting ready to sit in her throne before dinner while everyone continues to dance around her and chant.

Rumor has it that she spent $20,000.00 on her dress.

The traditional dabke dance.

And the dancing around the couple continues.

I have to be frank, this is not the wedding that I preferred when given the choice by my husband. Our wedding was a very traditional American wedding, with hints of Mexican and Lebanese traditions, however I do enjoy attending these celebrations. I always enjoy myself, and the food is always out of the ordinary.

Thank you for stopping by,

Eclectic Attic

23 Aug

Hello there Precious Pearls,

Most of us shop at them, you know the places where we find our little hidden jewels, “consignment stores.” My favorite is “Eclectic Attic in Plymouth Michigan.”

As soon as I walk in my heart begins to pump faster because I have no idea what I will leave with. I don’t feel like this about many places.

They carry the essentials; contemporary pieces, as well as one of kind vintage couture which is where I stop first.

One of the many vintage dresses I have purchased, and another one here for about $30.00.

And of course they carry accessories, i.e., genuine designer sunglasses, genuine watches, genuine hand bags, etc., I didn’t purchase these glasses there, but they carry the real deal.

But one of the reasons why this is my favorite consignment store is because they also carry antique furniture, and paintings. This place very much lives up to its name. The owner is extremely helpful, personable, and looks as if she would work for Vogue, with her defined features, red lipstick, and shiny black bob. She very much tempts me into cutting my hair into a bob again.

I have rarely left without a purchase.

Jewels, where do you shop for those hidden jewels? We would love to know so that if we ever make it to your neck of the woods we know where to shop?

Until next time,

Tea Party

20 Aug

This past weekend was my friend’s tea party themed  Bridal shower that I’ve been planing for some time, thankfully it went smooth with the help of her wonderful family. Everyone looked exquisite, the ambiance was on point, the games were a hit, and of course we indulged in too much pastries, after-all it was high tea.  My friend was so excited she kept saying how beautiful the venue was and how happy she was. What a hit! Take a peek.

The Bride-to-be walking up the stairs to her tea party theme at The Andersen’s in Santa Barbara California.

The Beautiful Bride-to-be

The best crab sandwiches!


The Bride-to-be with her family.

The Maid of Honor and the Bride-to-be.

As always, Carolina xoxo

A Secret Garden

16 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Hope you are all enjoying the week. As mentioned before that my husband and I celebrated my birthday in Stratford (Ontario Canada) (one day I will visit Stratford London God willing) and it was only essential that we watch a Shakespeare play which is what my husband gifted me with. As I am getting older I realize that memories are priceless which is why I rather have as many memorable memories for special occasions as possible over gifts. We watched Henry V and we weren’t disappointed. The acting was intense, the actors never forgot a line, the scenes, and costumes were amazing which were my favorite since I am a visual. After the play we ventured to the Shakespearean Garden, it was quite peaceful, and very secluded from the rest of the town.

And it just happened to be that I wore my Garden Party Blazer, (to tell you the truth it is not really a coincident I have been wearing a lot lately, it is super comfortable, fun, and makes me feel like an artist, as if it were something Vincent Van Gogh painted)!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Shakespearean Garden in Stratford (Ontario Canada).

Until next time,

Weekend Treat

13 Aug

Happy Monday friends!

My weekend was a bit busy but at the same time relaxing, on Saturday my husband surprised me with a trip to the annual Summer Music Festival held on the main botanical garden of the Huntington Library.  The entire audience brought their lawn chairs, picnic baskets and their favorite wine to enjoy a night under the stars while listening to some classical music emanating from a live four piece French Orchestra. This was a great surprise date from my husband. By the way, my honey is the one who plans everything, my day job takes a lot of energy out of me and by the time I get home I just want to put my feet up and say tell me what time and what to wear and I’ll be there! The festival was truly a work of art, it was unheard of, I felt as if I was in a far far away land laying down as the stars twinkle.

A glimpse of our stunning surroundings

Woman singing French music

During intermission we had a sneak peek at their art collection.

And that’s all folks. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too.

As always, Carolina xoxo

A Getta-Way

6 Aug

Happy Monday friends,

In a few weeks my honey and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and I have no idea where we’re going. “Tell me which days, what to bring and I’ll be there,” is what I said to my husband.  I haven’t taken a vacation all year and boy I am way over do. This vacation I plan on hanging out by the beach with a drink in my right and food in my left. My husband will be lucky if I leave my beach side cabana.  Here our some inspirational pictures I chose to keep your week going take a peek.

Can you believe this is a restaurant in Bora Bora??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can only wish!

As always, Carolina xoxo

A Hidden Jewel

2 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Here I thought that most of my life I lived in the “Golden Coast” (California) until I came across the Gold Coast of Michigan known for its majestic beaches, some rocky and some with soft white sand, 70 degree waters compared to the Caribbean, swimming with standards poodles, (second picture towards your right) surrounding small charm towns, and breathtaking sunsets. We ventured off to North Point Beach, and Sleeping Bear Dunes voted as the most beautiful place in the Country according to Good Morning America.

If you are looking for the true American Pie head on over to the northwest corner of Michigan also known for its farm land of growing cherries, and wineries, all the surrounding restaurants will master their own special recipe using cherries.

Thank you God for placing me in such a beautiful state.

Until next time,

Weekend Plans

27 Jul

TGIF Jewels,

I hope you are all looking forward towards the weekend and have some great plans ahead of you. We are headed to the northern part of the state of Michigan, (Traverse City) just one of the destinations Pure Michigan has to offer known for its beautiful beaches, white sand, surrounding wineries, and the essentials such as shopping, and great restaurants.

I’m hoping to take a great pictures to share.

Have a great weekend,

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