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Skull And A Spike

28 Jan

The beginning of my weekend was a bit sad, I bought risotto some time ago waiting for the perfect evening to cook it and I like to think I’m pretty good in the kitchen for an amateur chef. It’s been a while since I made a dish which took 3 hours and 18 minutes to make and to end it by not having the texture I’m accustomed to.  Although the flavor was a hit the texture was a miss. While in Italy I had an endless amount of risotto and I was eager to make it hoping it would whisk us back to our great Italian memories, but I was let down. Not so fast Mr. Risotto did you forget I enjoy a challenge! You better believe I’ll be back!

Now for the great part. I got some trinkets for my home office, narrowed down my color palate, designed new jewels and completed  few DIY little projects that I’ll be posting  one tomorrow.  Hint: think gold chevron pretty paper.

Now for the fashion part of this post. I’ve been wanting to wear this hat but since I live in L.A it would be kinda silly if I wore it on a sunny day although most hats are made for the sun, while in my case it was for a bad hair day and more importantly to keep my head and ears warm.  Then we had this amazing 65 degree weather finally!! I was able to wear Mr. Wool Hat…..  take a peek!




Hat: Spain|Skull T: Nikki Beach Marbella Spain| Blazer: Jcrew|Jeans: Rich and Skinny| Booties: Charles David| Purse: Italy trip: Lips: Mac Media| Nails: essie mink muffs.


What do you think of our new designs!!? !! infinity chain necklace (old) but great for layering, Kelsi pearl necklace and pyrite stone with a spike, wooden stretchy bracelet and pearl knotted bracelet. Made by yours truly essentjewels!


As, always Carolina xoxo

Metallic and a Pop of Red

24 Jan

Hello everyone!

This sweater has become one of favorites this winter, it can be worn dressed-up or down it will make a statement either way.





And a pop of red was all I needed to complete the look.

Sweater – Rock & Republic, Lips – Orange Bobbi Brown, Jewels – essentjewewls, Clutch – White House Black Market, Boucle Shorts – here, Ribbed Tights – J.Crew, Pumps –Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Until next time,

Glitter, Cheetah And Polka Dots

22 Jan

Hi friends!

This weekend I was doing a bit of research online, magazines, and bit of window shopping for inspiration for new designs. Trust me, you will go bananas, I was inspired by classic pieces your used to seeing: Cow hide; abalone, and stones, but just like we said before, we love to keep our style classic but giving it a little unexpectedness and asymmetry is what makes us over the top ecstatic. Stay tuned!


White button down: James Purse| Sweater: Madewell| Faux leather Leggings: Trouve via Nordstrom| Shoes: Steve Madden: Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs: Lips Mac: Ruby Whoo| Clutch: Jimmy Choo. If I tell you the story behind how I got my hands on it, better yet the price I got it for you’ll want to kill me. Hint: my friend works at a Barneys outlet.



As always, Carolina xoxo

Biker Girl

14 Jan

I’m finally getting around to organizing and designing my home office. Once it’s complete, I’ll be sure to show before and after pictures. If you have any ideas or links to help me decide on my decor please send them my way. I’m thinking clean crisp and modern. To give you a better idea my walls are a Tiffany blue color. I’ll be getting a brown and white cow area rug shortly!!!!:)

Hope you enjoy my glam with a hint of edge look. I wore this for a Christmas Party. Take a peek!



Jacket:Tracy Feith|Button down: James Purse| Skirt: Madewell| Tights: Hue| Shoes: Charles David| Lips: Mac Media ( great fall color)



Thank you,

Carolina as always, Xoxo


Fox Fur

9 Jan

Hello Jewels,

One of the first essentials I bought when I moved to Michigan from California was a coat(s), fur coats, a red coat, a green, etc., while I lived in California I was able to get away with jackets all year-long, however when I moved to Michigan it was a different story.






After the holidays probably the only thing that gets me through winter is being able to wear my coats, I can’t think of anything more chic then a great-coat.

Genuine Fox Fur Coat – vintage, Aviators – Ray-Ban, Polish Cynthia Rowley (silver) and Sephora meet me for drinks, Michael Jackson Shirt – vintage, Bag – DKNY, Skinnies –Paige, Boots – Rebeca Sanver

Until next time,

Pink Panther

7 Jan

Hello beautiful friends!

Happy first week of 2013!!  This past weekend, I took a jewelry class, worked and went bowling. You gotta know, I’m someone who is competitive, I’m always up for a challenge and I can’t stand the fact of being in last place. During the Holiday’s I went to my annual Christmas party at a bowling alley, although I hate to admit it, but sadly I was in last place out of 15 people. I couldn’t get over my losing experience the entire day. I came home told my husband ” That’s it! We are going bowling! So you can say, this weekend was a success. I already saw major improvements thanks to my honey. So if you invite me bowling, I’ll be sure to bring my best foot forward.

Who say’s you can’t wear brights during the winter. I love this bright sweater which is one of my favorite piece of clothing to wear all year round.




Jacket: Hudson| Sweater: H&M| Leggings: Nordstrom| Purse: Gucci| Boots: Steve Madden


As always, Carolina Xoxo

Gloomy Gray

20 Dec

Happy Thursday Jewels,

One reason I love gloomy gray weather is because I can wear a lot of my favorite accessories such as scarfs, tights, boots, etc…




I had this sweater dress for many years and I love how simple it is because I can accessorize it differently giving it a new look, sometimes I wear it from front to back like I did here.

Cashmere Sweater Dress – bebe, Earrings – essentjewels here, Sunnies – Burberry, lips – Lancome (377N Midnight Rose) Polish – essie blue rhapsody here, scarf (old) – no name, Leather Cross-body Bag – Coach, bracelet – essentjewels here, Tights – J.Crew here, booties – Coach (last season)

Until next time,

Polka Dots And Fur

17 Dec

A follow-up to our blog award!!

Thank you all for always making me smile, I love seeing your sweet post they always brighten my day. And big shout out to my sister for all she does for us and for being one of my best friends! xoxo

1. What are you good at?

I’m intuitive, I make great decisions based on my gut feeling, if someone tells you go with your gut feeling, trust them. I love-inspiring others, love leading a team, I’m excellent at planning and entertaining plus I’m a great cook and wife.

2. If you have traveled to the place you love, what one person will take with?

My honey-bun

3. What kind of people do you prefer? I love people who are energetic, love life, believe in God, love fashion, inspiring, silly people, people who don’t take life too serious, people who think age is an attitude. People who love to have fun, people who are positive who are focused and independent.

4. Your favorite food ?

Mediterranean food.

5. Your favorite animal?

Panda- they’re so cute and look so friendly, plus I have a cute story from my father when I was a child even though it has been 25 years ago, he always reminds me about the story, it puts a big smile on my face.

6. Book you like?

“From the Bureau to the Boardroom”. Love it, I can apply the management skills that the FBI use at work and daily life.

7. What do you think about negative people?

We need to help them, guide them, inspire them, show them the light. Perhaps they never had anyone in their life as a role model.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you like my dots! I love stripes too, but polka dots more!



Fur Cardigan: Alice and Olivia| Bottoms: Zara| Blouse: Ann Taylor| Hosiery: Nordstroms|Shoes: Charles David| Purse: Italy trip.




As always, Carolina xoxo

Plaid Pants

12 Dec

Hi Jewels,

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

As much as my sister loves polka-dots I love plaids. I have run around to hardware stores, and appliance stores with my husband since we bought our house and like any fashionista I have to make it a fashion statement.




Layering in Michigan is more necessary than it is a fashion statement, and although it hasn’t snowed it has been cold.

Jacket –Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag – Coach,  Lips – Bobbi Orange here, Chambray – Grand & Greene, Sweater – compliments from mom, Plaid Leggings – no name, Boots – Steve Madden here

Until next time,


Polka Dots

10 Dec

Polka Dots and I go way back. My mother told me that you must love polka dots and I immediately responded how do you know? She said because you always wear them. I was so caught off guard and blinded sided and I guess that’s what happens when your in love. I had no idea how many articles of clothing I had. I’ve neglected them for sometime now, but they are slowly making their comeback. This weekend was a special one, I finally got our jewels for our custom orders and my husband and I went to a regional dog show. It was a magical experience being with hundreds of dog lovers just like my sister Monica and I, so don’t be surprised if you see a picture of a dog or two. Take a peek.




The weather got the best of my hair, please excuse it.


As always, Carolina xoxo

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