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Happy Weekend

22 Feb

While I don’t have much plans for the weekend which usually consists of a jewelry event I am looking forward to the Oscars as I am sure many of us are.

Oscar night and Valentine’s Day are a couple of the exciting events in February which always seems to fly by as it is such a short month.

Here are a couple of things that got me through this week:

All the posts from NY and London Fashion week, although I must say Kate Spade‘s fall 2013 collection was probably the brightest I have seen so far. This look can be achieved by adding splashes of color to the classic polka-dots or stripes which I am sure most of us have in our closets. I can’t wait to try it come this spring!

Was anyone else shocked about Desiree not getting a rose from the Sean the Bachelor? That was one sad departure from the two at the end. I was hoping her brother was in on another prank, for one he looked nothing like her family or looked liked he belonged to the family. I am guessing he is the black sheep. On another note, does anyone else think that Ashlee is too needy?

I’m still going strong on my not shopping challenge from my small group. Actually it was only for a week, but since I was raised catholic I have now gave it up for lent.

Not shopping does not mean I can’t browse the web for inspiration, and I have my eyes set on these shoes!

And while browsing the web I came across s the cutest simplest appetizers for Oscar night here that anyone can try, and would make anyone smile.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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