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Have a Lovely Evening

17 Aug

Hi Beautiful Jewels,

I hope you all had a fabulous week and that you have some amazing plans ahead of you. I was in Chicago most of the week and I’m getting ready to celebrate our friend’s 50th birthday. I’m sure it will be a lovely party as he is a great guy and deserves it. Hope you all have a lovely evening too!


With love,

A Secret Garden

16 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Hope you are all enjoying the week. As mentioned before that my husband and I celebrated my birthday in Stratford (Ontario Canada) (one day I will visit Stratford London God willing) and it was only essential that we watch a Shakespeare play which is what my husband gifted me with. As I am getting older I realize that memories are priceless which is why I rather have as many memorable memories for special occasions as possible over gifts. We watched Henry V and we weren’t disappointed. The acting was intense, the actors never forgot a line, the scenes, and costumes were amazing which were my favorite since I am a visual. After the play we ventured to the Shakespearean Garden, it was quite peaceful, and very secluded from the rest of the town.

And it just happened to be that I wore my Garden Party Blazer, (to tell you the truth it is not really a coincident I have been wearing a lot lately, it is super comfortable, fun, and makes me feel like an artist, as if it were something Vincent Van Gogh painted)!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Shakespearean Garden in Stratford (Ontario Canada).

Until next time,

Fun in Vintage

15 Aug

Hi Beautiful Gems,

I celebrated my birthday in Stratford (Ontario Canada) and I wore one of my most comfortable dresses because I tend to over eat when I am out-of-town and I prefer not to feel uncomfortable when my clothes starts feeling too tight.

The day consisted of the essentials shopping, and dining at Pazzo beware you’ll need reservations or else you will be waiting in line as it seems to be the place to dine after a musical or play. We also had gelato, and a couple of Lavender Truffles, like the picture above, if you haven’t had a Lavender Truffle please do. The flavor was so distinctive, and one I can’t forget. I need to be eating more food with lavender as an ingredient.

I wasn’t lying when I said I tend to over indulge, but what fun is it if you aren’t.

Dress: Vintage, Wayfarer Ray-Ban, bag Coach, heels L.A.M.B., polish essie peep show, wire watch Gucci (Vintage), and jewels essentjewels.

Until next time Beautiful Jewels,

The Little Things

14 Aug

Here are a few things that are making me smile from ear to ear, take a peek!

A little birdie told me your not much of a fan of these treats, I challenge you to try these treats from Trader Joe’s! Its at their frozen section, trust me, you’ll come back to this post and comment that you’ve fallen in love with these decadent treats and that’s a promise! But yes, you are right, most places don’t compare to the real deal. Unless your in Paris or Vegas which is where I originally fell in love with these.

My love for this necklace keeps on growing and growing. I can’t stop wearing it.

My dainty head band from Anthropologie.

What is fluff Ice? It’s not ice cream and it’s not yogurt. I’s creamy, velvety full of flavor but light and fluffy. Here in L.A is all the rage and let me tell you it’s the next best thing. Your completely satisfied but don’t feel like you over indulged. If you come across this treat I suggest the Mango Madness.

Pinned Image

Can somebody please share their hair tips please!!! I love this hair, but I can’t figure out how to get these Sunkist beach waves.

As always, Carolina xoxo

Weekend Treat

13 Aug

Happy Monday friends!

My weekend was a bit busy but at the same time relaxing, on Saturday my husband surprised me with a trip to the annual Summer Music Festival held on the main botanical garden of the Huntington Library.  The entire audience brought their lawn chairs, picnic baskets and their favorite wine to enjoy a night under the stars while listening to some classical music emanating from a live four piece French Orchestra. This was a great surprise date from my husband. By the way, my honey is the one who plans everything, my day job takes a lot of energy out of me and by the time I get home I just want to put my feet up and say tell me what time and what to wear and I’ll be there! The festival was truly a work of art, it was unheard of, I felt as if I was in a far far away land laying down as the stars twinkle.

A glimpse of our stunning surroundings

Woman singing French music

During intermission we had a sneak peek at their art collection.

And that’s all folks. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too.

As always, Carolina xoxo


10 Aug

Cheers friends! It’s Friday!

Here’s a little treat to start your weekend off. Lately, L.A has been having these record scorching high temperatures and wine is not cutting it. This is my go to drink when I’m wanting a refreshing drink. Hope you give it a try. You can find the recipe here.

Cheers friends!

I’m looking forward to this weekend, looks like I’ll be having a nice one. I’m so excited to attend the LA Food and Wine Festival or the Pasadena Pop. I can’t decide maybe both! Can’t wait to share!  Have a fabulous one.

As always, Carolina xoxo

Let’s Talk Make-Up: Teal Eyes

9 Aug

Hello Jewels,

With fall around the corner I tend to wear a lot of neutrals with splashes of colors here and there, and on certain occasions I want my make-up to do all the talking which is when I turn to teal eyes. It’s perfect for day, or night, and it looks great on brunettes, blonds, and red heads.

The essentials:

eye primer (I used MARY KAY because it is my favorite skin care line)
eye shadow in a bone color (Lancome-Latte (Matte))
eye shadow brush (MAC)
eye liner (Flirt-14 Bluephoria)
eye blending brush (MAC 219SE)
eye lash curler (it is a must for the silva sisters because we have straight heavy eye lashes, if it is not necessary for you, you are blessed)!
mascara (Lancome L’EXTREME

Rub the eye primer on both your lower and upper eyelid.

Apply the bone eye shadow all over your eye lids and lightly apply eye liner across the entire upper eyelid and underneath your eye. Smudge with blending brush both underneath and above the eye.

Curl eye lashes if necessary and apply mascara.

The results.

What do you think?

Remember to use a nude lipstick or a very subtle lipstick when wearing color on the eyes. I used my favorite by MAC: Sandy B.

Hope you give it a try.

With love,

A Special Day

8 Aug

Hello Jewels!

I thought the message below was a bit cute since I can relate.

Pinned Image

Growing up, my sister always had the latest and best clothes.  I clearly remember she had a huge chest filled with all her favorite clothes, she hid the key from me because I would always find a way to sneak in her closet and borrow her clothes, not that she minded in the beginning, but I was one who never took care of my clothes, there’s a stain oh well! I ripped my blouse big deal! I lost my shirt next! Sadly I’m still the same way.

Pinned Image

What an honor.

Pinned Image

We both have winning attitudes!

Pinned Image

We love our fashion, hair and makeup!

Pinned Image

Happy Birthday to you sister!!! When I read this comment it made my eyes tear up because this is exactly how I feel.


Carolina xoxo!


7 Aug

Hello Jewels,

Some days we all wish we could roll out of bed in our sleepwear which is why I love the ‘pajama trend.’ The clothes is light, airy, and perfect for summer evenings.

I need more clothes like this.

Blouse: Vince, bag Fendi, print capri pants Costa Blanca, strappy sandles Manolo Blahnik, Wayfarer Ray Ban, hoops essentjewels.

Thank you for stopping by Jewels,

A Getta-Way

6 Aug

Happy Monday friends,

In a few weeks my honey and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and I have no idea where we’re going. “Tell me which days, what to bring and I’ll be there,” is what I said to my husband.  I haven’t taken a vacation all year and boy I am way over do. This vacation I plan on hanging out by the beach with a drink in my right and food in my left. My husband will be lucky if I leave my beach side cabana.  Here our some inspirational pictures I chose to keep your week going take a peek.

Can you believe this is a restaurant in Bora Bora??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can only wish!

As always, Carolina xoxo

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