Meet My Family!

25 Jun

As promised, here are the three loves of my life!

Here is our little Sophie AKA (shopie), my honey’s five year old niece wrote us a letter and spelled Sophie “Shopie” which had us laughing our socks off and since then the name stuck. Why I love her? She’s a little feisty three pound Yorkie, who makes my laundry day’s oh so much fun, she follows me everywhere, I go to the restroom and there she is! I pile all my clothes by sorting them by colors I get them ready to toss in the washer and next thing you know Sophie pops out! She always finds a way to brighten my day!

How can anyone say “No” to these piercing eyes?

Here is Sophie’s brother Kobe our one year old black standard poodle. He is the gentlest happy-go-lucky spoiled dog that we ever met. We like to say he is the luckiest dog ever, but in reality, he has no idea that we are the luckiest! He would rather play with his big red rubber ball then eat a home cooked steak, granted we never give him table food, but I’m trying to describe his personality. If you ever get a chance to meet him, he will for sure make your arm fall asleep.

Kobe met a friend! He’s such a ham!

Happy Monday! And happy first official week of summer!! No other way to celebrate it than with classic wedges, cut offs and a neon summer sweater!

Sunnies: House of Harlow| Brown sweater: BCBG| Neon Sweater: H&M| Shorts: no name brand| Shoes: gaimo espadrilles| Over sized clutch: Furla| Essie: Lovie Dovie|Earrings:essentjewels

Meet my honey Paul! Talk about a simple man with simple needs, my kind of man, enough said!

As always, Carolina xoxo

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