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Bake Sale

18 Jun

I did it! I baked! As my sister mentioned before, I’m not much of a baker, it’s to structured for me. It’s all about the exact ingredients, I’m a “little of this a little of that” kind of girl. But if it means I can try a little here and there, sure I’ll bake! I baked both for my Father and Father in-law, there both known for their sweet tooth, especially our father, I bet my sister is smiling right now. I made three petite desserts and boy were they delicious!

The darker the berries, the healthier the berry.

Petite tarts in the making you can find the recipe here.

Salami Apricot scones in the making you can find the recipe here.

Chocolate Hazelnut cookies in the making you can find the recipe here.

Finally! Por Fin! I would say it was well worth the wait! These little treats had me prancing around my house like a little girl! My favorite were the bite size tarts, my honey’s, the scones and my father in law the chocolate hazelnut cookies.

I didn’t get a chance to see my father since he’s a few hours away, but I called him to wish him a beautiful Father’s day and to let him know Sophie and Kobe will be sending him something in the mail. Oh! Sophie and Kobe are my two pooches, I’ll have to give them a proper introduction post soon.

Happy Father’s day to all you amazing Father’s.

As always, Carolina xoxo.

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