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A Hint of Neon Yellow

6 Jun

I work in corporate america M-F and at times it can get a bit stuffy so I need an outlet to let loose, hence the blog and jewelry line. My closet is half work attire and half social clothes so I need to somehow co-mingle them both to get the best use out of my clothes.  My outfits have to look clean and classic but I always find a twist to modernize them. I’m a such a sucker for the simple pops of color or the unexpected details.  The Neon belt was originally silver, I will post a DIY soon. You gotta excuse the hat hair, my hair has a mind of it’s own.

Button down: Ralph Lauren| Belt: Express| Tapered slacks: Vince Camuto|Shoes: Vince Camuto|Purse/Watch: Michael Kors|Mac lipstick: So Chaud| Panama Hat: No name, got it in Napa Valley. Bracelets: essentjewels!

Accessories make a difference. I gave my classic button down and classic khakis a make over by adding a fun belt, gladiator shoes, bright lips, cool hat and a classic long chain purse.

As always, Carolina xoxo

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