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Keeping it Chic With The Other Boyfriend and Middle Eastern Pastries

29 May

Hello Jewels,

For my date with the other boyfriend I wanted to keep it simple and chic, because I did not want him to think I was trying too hard.

The other boyfriend: Boyfriend Blazer in navy blue Banana Republic, belt J.Crew, shorts, H&M.

Aviators: Ray-Bans, moccasins Coach, these are almost as comfortable as my Cole Haan with Nike Air.

The date with the other boyfriend consisted of over indulging with Middle Eastern Pastries at my favorite Middle Eastern pastry shop Shatila and of course I always get overwhelmed about their selection because I want everything!

But we always get the usual: The Egyptian Nabulseya Coarse because it is warm, drizzled with crumbled pistachios and oozing  melting cheese (I could so have some now)!!!

Middle Eastern pastries are all about pistachios, which means we never pass up the pistachio ice-cream.

I  am a big fan of Cannolis and I had been tempted before to try the Middle Eastern version of the Cannoli. I was so curious that I didn’t use the fork or knife, (please don’t be disappointed) it was not bad, but I will stick to my usual: Nabulseya Coarse.

And that was my date with the other boyfriend, shhh please don’t tell my husband.

Necklace: chic, by essentjewels.

Until next time my friends,


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