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Shop Your Closet

28 May

Who says you can’t wear the same garment twice? Not I!  I’ll be honest, in the past  I was one to buy something new for every outing, until I realized it’s all about intermixing and shopping my closet. Several months ago while packing a few items to visit my family in Santa Barbara county I came across an “ah ha” moment, a realization that  there are so many options just by intermixing a few items. The feeling I always yearned for when I rushed out and bought new clothes was the same, fresh, new and crisp. I wore this button down shirt with my work slacks, here, now I wore it over a fitted dress. Take a peek.  I was a little colorless on top, so guess where I added a pop of color? Yup, my shoes!

Sunnies: Cole Haan, button down: Zara, dress: French Connection, purse: Marc by Marc Jacob, shoes: Tory Burch. Jewlery: essentjewels.

Just enough color. Going bananas for the glittery silver simple detail.

Today is a casual day. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

As always, Carolina xoxo

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