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The Classic Jean Jacket

23 May

It was way back in junior high that I received my first jean jacket, the brand was Jordache and it was pink with some lace intermixed and guess what?  Mom bought me me the matching jeans too! I was so thrilled, I couldn’t sleep that night excited to wear them the next day. Oh boy how fashion has changed! I bet my sister is smiling remembering me wearing this outfit, hi sister! These days, one only wears a jean jacket as an added layer or to tone down an otherwise feminine or sophisticated look. Ive been seeing the Jean Jacket make it’s come back. So I ditched my pink Jordache  and I have now upgraded to a more up to date version. Meet my newest member to my closet! My Hudson jean jacket! I love this jacket, I believe it’s perfect for spring as spring can be bi-polar sometimes. It’s light enough for sunny days but just enough to keep me warm as well. Here is how I’ve been wearing it.

Jacket: Hudson, White T: James Purse, Skirt: Cynthia Rolly, Belt: Ann Taylor: Shoes: Michael Kors, Earrings: essentjewels similar here. Scarf: Random, Watch: Marc Jacob, Sunnies: Coach

This look is casual but the airy maxi skirt gives it a feminine touch, the jean jacket gives it a casual, scarf gives it a hint of sophistication.

As always, Carolina xoxo

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