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Brainy Blueberry Scones

16 May

Good day Dazzling Diamonds,

It used to be that I would sit in a cubical and part of my morning ritual was to try to incorporate the brainy blueberries into my diet which most of time was a quick fix morning meal, boring! I used to add them to my yogurt, oatmeal, and occasionally to my Cheerios before I left to work. Now a days I try to find as many recipes as possible to include them into, from, cheesecakes, to adding them to my crepes, milkshakes, etc.

And most recently it was scones. I love scones and I had a craving for them, it was so bad that it needed to be satisfied yesterday. I asked my husband to stop by at Panera and pick up a Blueberry Scone, and unfortunately I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I love Panera, but the scones I am used to are usually baked at a cozy Bed and Breakfast and are unforgettable!

I did what I had to, to satisfy my own craving and bake them myself.
I must say I was impressed with the results, my husband had five pieces throughout the day. I recently took on the job as a baker because my husband loves sweets, but I have a rule. I only bake every other week because my husband has a major sweet tooth, he is the type that can eat dessert everyday. Our dinner dates usually consist of eating dinner and heading out for dessert and tea after, I don’t mind as I do love my tea.

Luckily for me I had to drop off my friend at the airport the morning I baked them and of course I had to drop her off with a couple of pieces as I did not want to have them around the house too long. Who wouldn’t want to be dropped off at the airport with something freshly baked as I usually head to Starbucks for a baked good and tea while I am at the airport.

Now I can add blueberry scones to my “Brainy Blueberry Recipe List.”

The essential ingredients and recipe you can find here my friends.

Thank you for stopping by,

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